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Change Your GW2 Password

We’ve had a few verified instances of guild members having their GW2 accounts compromised and NCSoft has noted a trend. First, about a third of players haven’t verified their email address yet. We can’t require email authentication for players with […]


Guild Wars 2 Mac Beta Client Released

NCSoft announced today that ArenaNet will support a beta client for Mac OS X. The client is slated to be made available on the GW2 account management site. This is great news for many of our members.  With our roots […]


AIEx Chronicle 1

Welcome to the Alea Iacta Est Xiphos Chronicle. Each week, you will be regaled of our continuing adventures and news of AIE in Guild Wars 2. 14 September 2012, Guild Update Two weeks after launch marks some milestones for AIEx: […]


AIE Podcast Ep 117

We cover the latest guild news, Acuzod tries to flummox Alludra, and we take a deep dive into AIE’s newest game, Guild Wars 2!  All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast… AIE NEWS Secret […]


Guild Wars 2 Moves to Domain Status

The AIE Council has approved Guild Wars 2 for “Domain” status under the Guild Expansion Readiness Program (GERP).  Durus, who led the guild through the settlement phase, will continue to serve as the game director. While Guild Wars 2 surprised […]


Guild Wars 2 is in UMAMI

The Universal Multi-game AIE Membership Interface (UMAMI) now supports Guild Wars 2!  All new applications to join AIE’s GW2 guild, Alea Iacta Est Xiphos, will be accepted through UMAMI. At the end of September, we will be reconciling the guild […]