The AIE Podcast #392 – AAAUAUUAAUUUAA? Disney Crash-Test Dummy

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Wrath is coming, Wrath is coming!!!!
    Grats to AIE SWTOR for Total Galactic War.
    ESO is undaunted!
    So long, Anor legendary server and thanks for all the Hobbits!
    And, we are doing a Host AMA with questions submitted by YOU

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #392 of the podcast celebrating you, the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Mkallah: To my left is Tetsemi – (catch phrase here). And to my right is Mewkow: (catch phrase here). This week we have a very special AMA episode. Welcome, all!

Ok, we’ll be digging into YOUR questions shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News

New AIE Community Officer- Annira! Congratudolences.

Mandatory Fun Nights

Where the fun is mandatory but the attendance is not.

Sunday – WoW Classic 2 pm Eastern
Sunday – STO 8:30 pm Eastern
Monday – GW2 9:30 pm Eastern
Tuesday – SWTOR 9 pm Eastern
Tuesday –
Wednesday –
Thursday – FFXIV (Sprout Raid) 10:00 pm Eastern
Friday – ESO 9 pm Eastern
Friday – FFXIV (Mount Farming) Various times, usually starting at 8pm EST or later
Saturday – LotRO 8:30 pm Eastern
Saturday – FFXIV (Maps) 9:30 pm Eastern
Saturday – Noob Raid (WoW) 11 pm Eastern

Streaming and Guild Podcast News
Behind the Games – 10+ Cool Studios From PAX West 2022

Max aka Jeff was out at PAX West 2022 and met some really cool creators and studios. Sema and Max walk through a sample of 10+ smaller games, studios, and creators that caught Max’s eye.

Also, Let Max and Sema know if you want a more detailed video on any of the studios they talk about. Stay connected by subscribing on YouTube and your favorite podcast feed so you don’t miss the next interview. Enjoy!

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast – 438: Ashley Ruhl Interview Notes

We got a chance to interview Ashley Ruhl, the new Narrative Director for SWTOR to hear her views on narrative design and what it means for us as players.

Boards & Swords #202 – One D&D, Embracer Group Owns Lord of the Rings?, More Gen Con Talk!

We’re back in the studio, time to get started on the next 200 episodes. Chris did a lot of Gen Con talk recently, but what all did he actually do there?

Dr. Gameology – S2: E35 | Quitting Games Can Be a Good Thing

Quitting games can be a difficult decision. Dr. Gameology and the Gaming Persona cast review games they have had to step away from. This difficult decision comes accompanied by research and player experiences from the entire group. This thoughtful discussion aims to bring gaming habits into a real-life context that helps to emphasize the value of knowing your in-game goals, and using play time as a way to help you move forward as your best self.

Working Class Nerds – Episode 166: Execute Order 166

Marcus is joined by our official 3rd host Atrax from GreenBot Videos. The dudes chat about all the new games coming in 2022 and 2023! Nick will be back next week as he is playing paintball in Chicago!


New World – Quiet but uptick with a half dozen players this week as there have been updates and progress on the game

Lost Ark – Quiet, AIE servers consolidated

D&D – a few games running and the channel is fun and active

Diablo III – We are a couple weeks into season 27 for Diablo 3. There are a few of us that regularly run as a group many nights of the week. If you would like to join us or need help with some of the conquests this season, want a toon power leveled or just want to join in the fun let us know in the #diablo channel.

Nomads Servers – Nazrai running a private server and has offered to stand up some fun games. Currently running Empyrion, Ark… could do Rust, Valheim, etc.

Board Games – This Thursday will be our next board game night. All you need is a web browser to play. Come join in on the fun at 7:30PM Central.

Dual Universe – Dual Universe is set to launch on September 27th and AIE will be there from the beginning. Join us to be part of building the civilization that will tame a solar system.

Will you be the first to discover an unknown asteroid full of valuable materials? Or maybe you’ll be the first to see the scenic lake side view on a distant planet. Will you captain a battle cruiser or your own humble hauler? If the only limitation to what you can create is your imagination, will you let your imagination limit you?

Join Catavarie in the Dual Universe channel in discord to discuss all your in game aspirations.

Alliance Raid Team Hell Froze Over defeated the Jailer, the last boss needed for their Fated Raid achievement awarding Jigglesworth Senior (aka Jellycat) mount.

That is Gustytail rocking those super pointy shoulders.

Lots of folks in Retail WoW have been visiting Classic to relive (or unlive) the original Death Knight starting quest. It’s a great piece of storytelling… and there’s a sweet mount reward there too. Wrath of the Lich King drops Sept 26 so don’t wait.

WoW Classic
Wrath is coming on the 26th
Pre patch is up already, with DK available (starting 55)
Level XP crunch and XP boost, so a great time to level a new character

If you do the starting zone for DK, you get a drake mount in retail

We decided on a name for our #10forWrath raid team, Akela’s Wrath.

The guild recently won yet another Total Galactic War. That means anyone logging into The Black Hole will see our guild name flash before their eyes as the conquerors. And we got a new title for it as well.

7.1.1 is coming up (TBD) and will contain some balance changes. Some early-ish thoughts from the devs have been posted about what they are planning to do. Buffing healers is the best part!

Join us in discord for any question you might have, or if you want to join an Operations Team. And join us on Tuesday nights for MFN!

Fill in anything that comes to mind unless we get notes

Cool things the guild has been doing:
We’ve been taking part in the Undaunted Event that started last week during MFN by queuing up to run dungeons together.

If you are interested in running dungeons for pledges we have two dungeon groups that occasionally need someone to fill in. Check out the Undaunted Enclave channel in Discord for more information.

Things planned or coming up for the guild:
Dungeons, zone clears, and of course having fun.

We’ve been playing our weekly Tales of Tribute matches for the AIE tournament and posting our victories and defeats in discord for all to see.

Update from Kramer – What an exciting week in the tourney we have ties across the board tied for 1st is @Kini (Dankinia) [she/her] and @Newtype72 (Morrogoth) at 3-0 3rd place is @Bashirra and @DPRoberts at 2-1 then in 5th place we have @redstick94 and @Malakyi at 1-2 and in 7th place we have @Darklightwolf and @Tetsemi Lok’vadnod (he/him) at 0-3

The Federation fleet is still processing nicely through the colony projects. I think we are looking good to have two of the tiers done by the end of the year if not sooner. Sometimes the fleet likes to surprise me and knock things out way faster than I expect.

KDF fleet is finalizing the dilithium mine and should have all the media very soon. The Starbase had started completing tier 2 projects for the different branches and so should be able to push for the big tier 2 upgrade soon.

Fun night is every Thursday at 11pm Eastern. We do things from running random TFOs, help people level up, to run missions for gear for a build. If you have a request, we will gladly help you with what you want to do.

Fleet Action Report episode 114 will be recorded live on Monday. In this episode we will be back on our new player challenge characters and covering endeavors. What they are. How to work on them. And what you get out of the endeavor system.

Dungeons and more night was a great time this month. It looks like in the near future we could have enough at Dungeons and more night to start some strike missions.

Update 33.2 is in its Bullroarer cycle. This update is focused on a rework on the minstrel class and some hopeful positive changes for monster play. There are also some new class options coming for some of the races. There might be an opportunity to have your favorite race/ class combo. Might be time for a new character. Also on August 31st we said goodbye to the Anor legendary server. Make sure, if you have toons on there that you want to keep, to utilize the free character transfer from Anor.

And with that, let’s get onto out Host AMA- and chatroom, if you have any questions, throw them into the channel and we will answer if we have time at the end!

Sema: Favorite thing to ever come out of the guild kitchen.

MK- Savory- Handmade croissant dough stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and a gorgonzola cream sauce.
Sweet- Dark chocolate fig cakes

Tets – Chicken Thingies, see above and Dark Chocolate & Caramel, Pretzel Crust Brownies

Ghomus: I’m GUESSING at least all the hosts play Single Player RPGs on either the console(s) or PC. What is the one game you’ve all put an EMBARRASSING amount of time into?

MK- Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi- because I wanted to unlock Mara Jade

Tets – The Bards Tale on the Commodore 64, the grind is real!

Mew – Fallout

Kini: Favorite ride at Disneyland and why is it your favorite?

MK- Really Kini? Really? You are going to find out this spring! Just kidding, I am a sucker for Pirates and Haunted Mansion because they are timeless. Star Tours because it came out when I was a Star Wars obsessed teen. I also really love Indiana Jones. And Rise of the Resistance, and…. Okay, just take me to Disney!

KJH – Pirates of the Caribbean, the park is hot, the ride is cool, and the music and atmosphere, followed closely by Star Tours & Indiana Jones.

Mew – spaceship earth, dinosaur, rocking rollercoaster

Max: With the tabletop RPG stuff that gets discussed… would @Mkallah (or Tets or Mew) be looking to “DM” one of those sometime soon? If so, what channel will that stream on?

MK- I actually have anxiety about DMing! I am happy to take extensive notes, help create mythology and maps, remind the DM of NPC names, and more, but the idea of DMing makes me anxious.

Tets: Maybe MK and I need to Co-DM, she can do the Lore, I’ll do the Rules 😛

Mew: I likely get too evil for that myself.

Hoots: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen in the show notes?

MK- It’s not what I have seen, but what my mind puts in there itself and I somehow READ even though the words don’t make sense!

Tets: Worst thing to read is names you’ve only seen and never heard pronounced, even if you’re familiar with the game. I think STO is infamous for this. Hey MK, it’s Cardassian, not Kardashian 😛

Cataverie: Would you rather fight 1 Max sized Duck or 100 Duck sized Maxxes?

MK- It depends, what time zone are we in. If we are in Central, I forfeit. If it is any other timezone, I will take the 1 Maxsized duck- if I win, that is a lot of duck meat and it is my favourite special occasion food. The 100 duck sized maxxes will just swarm ya!

Tets: One Max sized duck is basically an ostrich, so no, I’ll take my chances with the swarm. I was a decent soccer player.

Mew: Swarm: Lego sets!

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank ourselves for joining us.

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Next time, we’ll be talking to Someone about some game! So until then, AIE…

– This is Mkallah
– This is Mewkow
– This is Tetsemi

And this has been… The AIE Podcast.