AIE Warcraft Alliance Update 10-Jan-2021

From reporting Officer Fezgig’s desk, currently located somewhere in Oribos, written while fending off Brokers asking him to retrieve many more things from the  dungeons.

Alea Iacta Est Virtus  on Earthing Ring-US, will be coming up on it’s 2-year anniversary this March.



We invited our 800th character (welcome aboard Karn!) this morning, with two more invites approved.

We continue to get new people who are either coming back to the game after many years gap, are Horde friends checking out the Alliance side, or some people who are new to WoW or looking for a family friendly casual environment to play in. We had a new member join that found us through Frogpants (welcome aboard Yopper!). And Fez’s wife came back to the game after a year away.

Mythic runs happen weekly to help folks see content and gear up for raid. 

Remember you can always find the guild officers in Discord in the #lfo channel or by pinging them @officers. You can always request WoW guild invites via the in-game system by searching “alea iacta est virtus”, even if there are no officers online.  Just remember, you have to go back to Guilds & Communities (J) to accept the invite once an officer approves it.

Recent Guild Achievements

Crittergeddon-Kill 100,000 critters

Kill Squad-100,000 honorable kills

Raiding (MFN)

Hell Froze Over:  <begin commercial> Hell Froze Over is a casual raid group with the following goal of Fun>Loot, Camaraderie>Progression, Pirates>Ninjas, and Crispy>Wiggly. Friday nights, we begin invites around 7:45 pm with a goal to pull trash at 8:00 pm. We take breaks at the top of each hour and end the raid at 11:00 pm. All times are EST. We encourage people to bring the class they enjoy most. Have friends on other realms? No problem. We have several team members in other realms. We do ask that you keep your hands and feet inside the raid at all times. <end commercial> horns tooting minions cheering.

After a holiday break, HFO entered Castle Nathria (normal) for the first time last Friday night with about 17 players.  We took down Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, and then ended the night after a few good attempts on Hungering Destroyer.

For more about HFO please message Fez [WoW]#9407 on Discord, or in game with battletag Fezgig#1509.