AIE Adopt-A-Pet

Help! We are being overrun by Void Beetles and Left Sharks, and all the other pets in our menagerie are going crazy! We need you to join us on June 7th for an Emergency Pet Adoption Day!

For this special AIE event, Gustytail and I will be hanging out in Discord voice all afternoon with prepared adoption papers for a whole ton of World of Warcraft pets and a few mounts! This event is open to everyone in World of Warcraft, both Horde and Alliance, on Earthen Ring. All you need to do is pop in for a visit, hang out with a few of our pets, and take your favorite home! And if you have extra kittens (or other beasts), bring them by and we’ll find a home for them for you!

On Sunday June 7th from 12pm to 5pm ET/Server, we will be giving away pets, accepting donated pets, and generally having a fantastic time. Then when there’s no one at the counter for a pet, we’ll be leveling some allied races and streaming it in Discord.

If anyone would like to help or has any questions, please contact Gustytail or Syreyne in guild Discord. Spread the word! ‚Äč


Owner and OperatorSyreyne’s Aquatic Distribution (S.A.D.)