The AIE Podcast #341 – Not the wiggly bacon!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Mkallah: Does anyone have good turnip prices?
    Mewkow: Greymore is on the horizons
    Tetsemi: Thursdays are getting extreme
    Mkallah: Fleet Night is ready, set, go
    Mewkow: And Syreyne and Fezgig are here to talk about AIE in World of Warcraft

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #341 of the podcast celebrating you, the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Tetsemi. To my left is Mkallah: – (Hey, guys, there is sticky toffee pudding and homemade marshmallows in the guild kitchen). And to my right is Mewkow: (catch phrase here). This week we are joined by special guests Syreyne and Fezgig who are here to talk to us about AIE in World of Warcraft Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be digging into WoW shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News


Mandatory Fun Nights

Where the fun is mandatory but the attendance is not.

Sunday – STO 8:30 pm Eastern
Monday – GW2 9:30 pm Eastern
Tuesday – SWTOR 9 pm Eastern
Tuesday – FFXIV (Casual Raiding) 9:30 pm Eastern
Wednesday – FFXIV (Fun Night) 9:00 pm Eastern
Thursday – FFXIV (Progression Raiding) 9:30 pm Eastern
Friday – ESO 9 pm Eastern
Friday – FFXIV (Late Night Fun Night) 11:00 pm Eastern
Saturday – LotRO 8:30 pm Eastern
Saturday – Noob Raid (WoW) 11 pm Eastern
Saturday – FFXIV (Maps) 9:30 pm Eastern

Streaming and guild podcast news

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 334: Scoundrel? I Like The Sound Of That

Last week we decided there aren’t enough scoundrels in our lives so we’ve decided to roll a couple.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 335: Amazing Race

This week we deliver an event walk-through and behind the scenes planning breakdown of our recent Amazing Race guild event.

Working Class Nerds

Episode 70: Nick Danger!

While Nick is on the front lines fighting Covid-19. Marcus is joined by a good friend to Co-Host the show!

Episode 71: “Sith Lord Britt Take 2!”

Nick is Back! Sith Lord Britt is back! Marcus well…. He didn’t go anywhere. Working Class Nerds is ready to dive into Swtor’s big dev post and discuss some other fun things.


Check out the Animal Crossing channel in Discord where we chat about turnip prices, who’s island has what stock in their shops, and social gathering in game on our various islands.

Lanc did a ACNH happy hour last night and was in channel along with Dankinia. Keep an eye out for future events, the #animal-crossing channel is hopping with ACNH questions and discussion.

Wasterlanders launched this week, and is a dramatic improvement on the game. We have actual Human NPCs finally, storylines, dialog choices, and just a general feeling of ‘Hey, this is a Fallout game’.

Division 2
Seasons are still going strong with the second manhunt target available now. Clan activity has trickled down a bit since launch. I recommend that you reach out to fellow Agents in Discord to look for groups and plan missions.

Diablo 3
Season 20 began on March 13: The Season of the Forbidden Archives. The buff this season allows you to equip any three items in the Kanai’s cube rather than restricting you to one from each category. Rewards this season include making the season 8 rewards available to any who missed them, and a new bat pet.

There’s more than a handful of folks who love to dive into each season and are willing to help you get started and knock off the season’s achievements and help you earn rewards. Seek them out in the nomad’s channel in discord.

Destiny 2
Did you know what Destiny 2 is free to play and is available on Steam? There are still some AIE members who love to run around in this game as well.

The new season in Destiny 2 is called “Season of the Worthy” and lasts through June 9th.
Link your Twitch Prime account with your Destiny account to receive drops each month.

Speaking of Steam, we do have an AIE Steam Group. It doesn’t get a lot of use given the community’s discord. However, if you’re more Steamy than Discordy, check it out.


WoW Classic

Zul Gurub (20 man, resets every 3 days, gear is raid-ish with a new reputation and a lot of class items to get) is out, and Silithus is being retaken by Cenarion Hold (Elf/Druids, new reputation), giving quite a lot of new things to farm


This Tuesday, 6.1.1 will drop. It will mark the start of a double XP event that will run for a month. Time to roll up that assassin you’ve been dreaming about. What’s not to love about striking out from the shadows with your double-bladed light saber!

Along with double xp will come some Conquest quality of life changes (more ways for instant travel!), class changes, and as host of bug fixes.

Next week also brings Bounty Contract Week and MFN will be on the Republic side.

On April 10th, Corley conducted our version of The Amazing Race for our April MEGA. It was a ton of fun and very well attended. Many thanks to everyone who helped out and attended! May Mega will be a Datacron hunt.


Greymoor, the next chapter (expansion) of ESO comes out on May 18th for PC. The new area will be familiar, yet different for anyone who played Skyrim. We will be visiting Western Skyrim, but much earlier in the timeline then we saw in TES: V Skyrim game. The expansion will also take us into the depths of Blackreach. A massive underground realm that the prologue quests we recently did just touched on.

MFN is Friday night at 9pm est. Join us for an escape from reality with friends while we run dungeons, clear zones, and laugh when Kini fall off cliffs.


Map Nights are still a major highlight, as we are fielding 2+ full groups for maps, excitement, and pockets lined with Gil. Anyone level 80+ is welcome to join in and bringing maps is not required, but highly appreciated. Map nights are Saturday Nights, 9:30pm EST. We coordinate via Discord Voice in the AIE FFXIV channel and we form up the groups in front of the AIE FC house. See you there, treasure hunters! (And bring those Skittles!)

Tuesday Night’s Fun Night is still going as a legacy raid night. Last week we completed most of Alexander Normal, completing The Father and Son Wings (Encounters A1N [Alex 1 Normal] to A18N [Alex 8 Normal]) on Tuesday night with some spill over to Friday night finishing off the Creator Wing (A9N – A12N). Alexander was the 8 player raid of the Heavensward Expansion, level 60. It’s a great story, with some great encounters. We hope to see you at the next Fun Night on Tuesday at 9:30pm EST. We gather up in the AIE FFXIV Voice Discord. Also, don’t forget, legacy raids are a great way to farm up some poetics, which end game folks could use to get some relic weapons, just sayin’.

Thursday nights are Extreme Night, where we strive to do more challenging content. These past couple of weeks we have been going into Eden Normals to assist in gearing up and to get comfortable with some of the mechanics that may be presented to us in Savage modes. We strongly encourage signups for this event, as the Savage content is not for the faint of heart. Please speak with Abovan or Durus for details on this raid team and access to the Raid Discord.

Looking for something that can only be purchased with FC credits to really hit the spot on your apartment, house, or FC room? Well then, speak to an officer to buy it for you. For a donation to the FC vault of 10Gil per FC point, you can have the FC purchase the item on your behalf. The gil goes right back into the FC vault to finance guild events.

The FC airships and submarines are in full force, bringing back tons of items for the FC to use. To see what they are bringing back, check out the blog posts on

That’s all for now, and enjoy your adventures in AIE and in Eorzea!


There is a Fleet Night tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern.

The First Contact Event is still going on. This finishes up on April 30th. The new patrol for the event has a few neat easter eggs in it.
Starting April 24th and going through May 4th, the winter event will be coming back. Who thought it would snow in April. Damn it Q.

There is a free Medical Pack giveaway going on to honor all the RL healers of the world. The pack includes a new vanity shield that gives your starship a nice white and red look, a new Admiralty card, the USS Hope and special EMH. The Klingons get a female Orion EMH, while Starfleet gets a Dr. Bashir EMH.

Finally, we are still making progress on our Spire, Embassy and K-13 projects.


On Sat. April 25th SNL will be at a special time. It will be 9-11 eastern or 8-10 Max time. On the 25th we will be doing PvMP. For more details check the blog post or message Maellung Arrowshield on discord.

All instances, skirmishes and quest are still Free to Play until the 30th

LotRO This Saturday, We Are The Rising Shadow

And with that, let’s get back to Syreyne and Fezgig and find out what’s going on in WoW.


Guests put show notes here
Sy: So before we get started on WoW news, this is the first time Fez has joined us on the Podcast. I just have a few important questions to ask……
Pancakes or Waffles?
Favorite Class in WoW?
Crispy or Wiggly Bacon?

Sy: Horde side is going great! We have a lot of raid teams pushing AotC and mythic. And we’ve had some raid teams coming back! Shout out to Filthy Casuals!. Speaking of them, Gusty has teamed up with some of their leadership to come up with an idea! The XP boost is great for leveling allied races right now, so they are asking people to group up together in guild chat, call it Filthy Leveling, and get those alts to 120 before Shadowlands.

Our current co-guild is Comitas, but we’re getting close to 500 in there. Once we do, we’ll be picking a new co-guild to set up for invites. Keep an eye in discord over the next few weeks for an announcement when that change happens.

Last weekend we had a FIRST in WoW in a long time!!! Noob raid ran TWO raid groups at the same time! Team One with Kini got 4 bosses down and Team Alpha with Sy (that’s me!) got 3 bosses down. So really, Noob got 7 bosses last week. We had about 40 people. Last night we killed 8 bosses and had 42 people!

Fez: Alliance side AIE Virtus celebrated it’s 1-year anniversary in March, with over 290 characters.

Recruiting: New people/alts joining just about everyday. It’s interesting how many AIE horde side are still unaware of the Ally team.

Hell Froze Over (HFO) raid team: Full 20 on Friday night – Normal Ny’alotha. Wrathion’s RNG gave us a little grief, then we finished off strong with one-shots Prophet, Maut, Dark Inquisitor, Hivemind. Took a couple of attempts at Ra-Den – team learning strat. People are still getting gear so we are continuing fresh runs each week. We have never turned anyone wanting to join away. We just ask for a minimum ilvl 410 and rank 1 cloak. We raid Friday night at 8pm-11pm ET and have many cross-realm friends, so all are welcome.

Mention at the End by Sy: Remember you can always find the guild officers in Discord in the #lfo channel or by pinging them @officers. And you can always request WoW guild invites via the in-game system by searching “alea iacta est” on both the Horde and Alliance sides, even if there are no officers online. Just remember, you have to go back to Guilds & Communities (J) to accept the invite once an officer approves it.

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Syreyne and Fezgig for joining us.

@SyreyneAIE on Twitter

If you have a question or comment about our show, you can email us at You can also follow us on Twitter. The show is at @aiepodcast. Mew is at @themewkow. Mkallah is at @cyberwaif,and Tetsemi is at @ivorytiger. We record live with video every other Sunday at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. You can join the chatroom and play along with us on our website at and our Discord server for chat at . Our theme was composed by the amazing Andrew Allen, follow him at @keyswithsoul! or visit his website

And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…

No segments this week, but we are always accepting submissions!

Next time, we’ll be talking to the mistress of floor tanking herself, Kini about AIE in ESO. So until then, AIE…

– This is Tetsemi:
– This is Mkallah
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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.