FFXIV FC Exploratory Vessel – Fleet and Project Report

AIE FFXIV Free Company Vessel – Report Summary

AIE currently maintains and uses two vessels detailed below. For those not familiar, these FC vessels are mostly used to run automated FC missions that return interesting rewards for us all. In addition, the vessels make some exclusive pets and mounts available as well as special buffs and some special case uses for group content in The Diadem we may look at, at some point.

Beyond the two vessels we are currently running, a third is under construction. Thanks to everyone that’s contributed so far. Check below on how you can help!

Current Fleet

The Airship: “The Ralff” (miss you buddy), is currently level 26 and is outfitted with level 1 Bronco-style components. This airship is currently running routes between sectors 5-8, bringing back materials from these zones. Items that the airship has returned include some crystals, clusters, and some bamboo weave. With the recent level up of the Airship, we are now able to create a 2nd airship!

The Submarine: A newer ship added to the AIE FFXIV fleet, the submarine the Windwalker”, is currently level 5, with all rank 1 Shark-class components. It is currently running missions to the first 4 marine areas. Items that the submarine has returned was some crafting crystals, empty crystals, and some red clay.

Fleet acquired items are in the FC vault and can be requested if needed. Items that are worthless in today’s game (such as grade 3 materia) will be vendored and the gil will be placed back to the FC vault. Shards, Crystals, and Clusters can be purchased for 10% below market value. See an officer if you wish to make a purchase. (Officer will check the market value and determine the normal price and take 10% off of that.) Vault Items and Gil will be used to finance further workshop endeavors, as well as fund AIE events in the future.

Next Project

Currently, we are working on creating a rank 15 sub, Unkiu-Class. Subs require 4 parts, the Hull, Stern, Bow, Bridge. Right now, we are working on the Hull. It takes 3 phases to create the component. There are a various number of items needed to finish the construction, as follows:

Phase 1:

  • 24x Oak Lumber
  • 24x Spruce Lumber
  • 24x Steel Nails
  • 9x Garlond Steel

Phase 2:

  • 24x Ancient Lumber
  • 24x Iron Rivets
  • 24x Steel Plate
  • 24x Electrum Ingot

Phase 3:

  • 24x Cobalt Rivets
  • 24x Cobalt Ingot
  • 24x Uraeus Leather
  • 9x Farreach Canvas
  • 18x Varnish
  • 9x Void Glue

Anyone can contribute. Just go to the back door inside the FC house and go to the workshop. In the middle of the workshop is the Fabrication Station. Clicking on that will allow you to donate items to the construction of the project. Once this project is complete, we can move to another part of the submarine!

Any questions, feel free to contact any one of the FFXIV officers.