News from AIE in WoW Retail!

WoW Retail has been the last game division of AIE to still use the current UMAMI system for applications and invites. Based on how other divisions of AIE operate and the ongoing issues some of our members are experiencing with UMAMI authenticating accounts, the WoW directors have gotten together to discuss WoW Retail policies regarding the use of this system.

After careful review and with a bit of sadness, we are officially announcing that WoW Retail will no longer require applications in order for characters to be invited into the guilds on Horde side nor the guild on Alliance side.

In addition to this change, we will start using the current Blizzard in-game Guild Recruitment system to open up select co-guilds each month to recruiting players new to AIE. We have been silently testing this system on the Alliance side for over a month with success. This means that not only are we recruiting new members to AIE, our current members will be able to request a guild invite when officers are offline through this system. ‚ÄčTo use the new system in-game, press J and select “Guild Finder” from the lefthand menu. From there, enter “alea iacta est” in the search box and you can request an invite to that co-guild from the next available officer.

In summary, UMAMI applications are no longer a requirement for WoW Retail. We are opening up guild recruitment to the server with the in-game recruitment system. New and current members of AIE can continue to use Discord, aielfo in-game community, as well as the new Blizzard guild recruitment system to request guild invites. We want to thank Stigg for everything he has done with our UMAMI system and Greenwall, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for AIE.