Nomads Simply Walking Into Mordor On Saturday

As of now, Nomads is mostly a catch all Discord channel for discussion of “other” games we are playing. However, it started as an actual game team that would jump to a new game every week or two. We are reviving a bit of that experience this week with a Nomads style adventure into Lord of the Rings Online on Saturday, 9/21 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm central.

The plan is for everyone, both new or long time players, to create a L1 Dwarf. We’ll all group up once our characters are created and play through the starting scenario together. Once out, we’ll get to check out Thorin’s Hall and see about invites into the guild Kinship. You can go ahead and create your character ahead of time but there will be some time at the start for character creation as well. We’ll all meet up in voice in Discord to chat and answer questions live.

The key to this event is getting LotRO downloaded and installed. It’s free to download and free to play. In rare instances, it can be tricky to get working on some PCs so feel free to ask for help in the #lotro channel if you need it. Download now!

This event is being organized by @Marcus and @Maellung Arrowshield, so hit them in guild Discord for more information!