The AIE Podcast #314 – Eee Ess Oh, I Fell Off A Cliff

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Mewkow: Anthem is the new hotness
    Mkallah: SWTOR is Swarming the Hive of the Mountain Queen
    Mewkow: Become a warrior of the Light, or maybe darkness?
    Mkallah: Congratu-condolences to Huck in EVE
    Mewkow: And, Dankinia is here to talk to us about AIE in ESO

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #314 of the the podcast celebrating you, the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Host Mkallah To my left is Mewkow – (catch phrase here). And to my right well, no one- Tet has the flu and does not have enough of a voice to talk on the show this evening. This week we are joined by special guests Dankinia who is here to talk to us about AIE in ESO Welcome!

Tetsemi’s week (since he has no voice) – Got in FFXIV, playing an archer, at level 24 with various professions as well, very fun so far, good story and entertaining combat.

Bought Anthem and playing the heck out of it while recovering from the flu (would not recommend, the flu. Anthem is great). Level 14 playing the Colossus (tank mech, go figure) and did my first Stronghold. Was super fun and helped me figure out what all my key bindings actually do.

Ok, we’ll be digging into ESO shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News

Streaming and Podcast News
SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 279: 5.10.1 – It Compiled

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-279 break down the good, the bad and the ugly of 5.10.1

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 280: Killer Queen

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-280 break down the Queen of the Wretched of the Hive of the Mountain of the Queen lair boss fight.

Working Class Nerds Episode 37 “Soft Taco Talk” featuring Lady Rann and Kogass.

We discussed Twitch streaming as well as Nightmare Ops in Swtor.
We also Broke down the new lair boss on ossus. The Mutated Geonosian Queen.
If you want to hear more about Working Class Nerds go to

Mandatory Fun Nights
Where the fun is mandatory but the attendance is not.
A couple of games have moved days so make sure you double check when each game is running MFN.

Monday – GW2 9:30 pm Eastern
Tuesday – SWTOR 9 pm Eastern
Wednesday – FFXIV 10 pm Eastern
Friday – ESO 9 pm Eastern

Saturday – Noob Raid (WoW) 11 pm Eastern
Sunday – STO 8:30 pm Eastern

Imperium Ludi
We have quite a few folks playing on the PC, with at least one on XBox and one of PS4. Durus has pinned a list of Origin names at the top of the #anthem channel in AIE Discord. The top 5 contributors on your friends list award you extra XP based on you Alliance ranking which goes up every time you complete a mission and will get your gold to spend in the vanity shops. Hop on in, it’s a fun game. If you just want to try it out, you can purchase the one month Origin access and unlock it and a lot of other Origin games while your sub is active.

Big shout out to the people at Blizzard doing the hard work to make this game right now and to all the folks that got laid off after the Tuesday earnings call. The gaming industry as a whole seems to be very much in flux right now and job stability isn’t really there for a lot of hard working folks putting everything they can into making the games we love.

Mini-Raid Wrap-up:
In the race for guild first heroic:
Get your Crit Together is in the lead with a 6 of 9 in Heroic BoD, and at 7/9 in Normal.
Kiddie Aggro is currently at 4/9, and has finished Normal 9/9.
Better Late than Never is 3/9, but did get to 9/9 in Normal first.
Pepper Jack Fan Club is at 2/9 in Heroic, and 8/9 Normal.
Horseshoes & Hand grenades is at 1/9, with 6/9 in Normal.

– Kini, any NOOB raid updates for us?

Kini- Noob Raid one shot Zul and Mythrax last night, after clearing the previous bosses. It was awesome.

Swtor got a new lair boss called “Hive of the Mountain Queen”. It’s on the planet Ossus and is basically a monster created by an insane Sith Lord. It’s giving everyone a good time. We downed in on story mode in our raid teams and also during MEGA, which we did in 16 man mode with the help of friends and one lone (but awesome) pug. Also, someone who shall remain nameless (Marcus) set off a bomb that killed 12 of us. We are thinking that record will stand for a long, long time. The next harder mode (Veteran) is giving everyone fits. We are up for the challenge though!

Speaking of MEGA, February’s MEGA was this past Friday and killing the Hive Queen is not the only thing we did. We went to Ossus and got the two latest datacrons. Both of them were essentially jumping puzzles with one of them being in such close quarters that at certain camera angles you could see the inside of your own head. Thankfully, our good jumpers got to the target and were able to summon the rest of us.

In podcast news, both Working Class Nerds and The Escape Podcast are still going strong with WCN hitting their 37th episode and EPC their 280th.

In guild news
– The guild in SWTOR has officially retired the requirement for new members/alts to put in applications. If you know someone that wishes to join AIE in SWTOR, just give them the discord info and tell them to ask for an invite there.

– BCavanagh wrote and compiled responses for a survey regarding people’s preferences for MFN. We will be using that info to help us decide from week to week what activities we do in MFN.

– Look for a survey in the near future from Marcus about what your preferences are for MEGA going forward.

Reminder that MFN is on the Republic side this week.

SoL (Soldiers of Light) beat the Mutated Geonosian Queen and got the hidden achievement

Wednesday night fun nights at 10pm. Other days/times will be added later, but let us know your thoughts in discord!

Activity is high, thanks Amazon and Twitch in particular!

Shadowbringers pre-orders are live with pre order bonuses available on 3/1, including a special leveling earrings to help us get to 70 a bit faster.

Confused with the class system? Check out this video from Abovan on that very subject:

Plenty of room for new warriors of light. Drop on by the FFXIV channel is discord and we can help you get started. Plenty of people around to offer referrals or even codes for the game.

There is new Task Force Operation out, Pahvo Dissension. It’s a ground based operation focused around the new Mirror of Discovery Storyline.
MFN has started back up. They are currently scheduled Sunday night, 8:30 PM EST. Any rank Lieutenant Commander and higher is invited to join.

Welcome new community officer and Eve Director @Huck , he is Cersei in game in Eve.

Welcome back Space Trucker Extraordinaire Erick Nolen @redrum. He enjoys his time back by instantly losing a 1.4Billion Isk Carrier. Welcome back

The Russco-Imperial-Legacy is flailing on the bongos of war. The 6 month peace treaty that almost all of Eve is under expires on March 22nd. At least moderate to large scale warfare is expected

The Annual Burn Jita Player event is currently taking place. This is where hundreds of players converge on the largest market and in the game and kill Hundreds of Billions of isk worth of shipping traffic every day. Traffic advisory is recommended at least through Tuesday.

Our sympathies to the ArenaNet GW2 team , who are currently going through layoffs.

On Tuesday the new Warclaw WvW mount becomes available! It is useable in PvE as well. We don’t know yet how it will be claimed, but it will almost certainly involve WvW playing, so if you want to know how to WvW, come talk to us in the gw2 discord channel.

The LOTRO team just published their Producer’s Letter yesterday, and it’s a look ahead for the year.

First, our most important goal for the year is to continue to tell your ongoing story. We are excited to continue the Black Book of Mordor as it winds through Middle-earth and leads players to our next expansion. The tale will take us to the Vale of Anduin, where we will explore the history, important events, and secrets of that area. As the year continues, we will unveil more tales in the Vale, and then follow the story back towards Mordor to Minas Morgul itself. Among the many dangers you’ll face will be Shelob herself as you learn what she has been up to, and how she is influencing the future of Middle-earth.

And in ongoing event news, the Skirmish Event continues through March 11th!

And with that, let’s get back to Kini and find out what’s going on in ESO.


Update 21 arrives February 25th for PC players. It contains a new Battlegrounds map for PVP called Eld Angar that has several different game types available such as Capture the Relic, Domination, and Chaosball using one area of the version of the map and Crazy King and Deathmatch using another. (don’t ask me what any of this means, I don’t pvp)

There will also be new PvP rewards for people who compete in both the Alliance War and Battlegrounds.

Also the first part of the Season Of the Dragon adventure starts on the 25th as well. with the release of the Wrathstone DLC. A four person dungeon called the Dwarven Vault of Mhuvnak will open which has new Dwarven automations, deadly traps and goblins to get in the way of reaching the objective. Rewards that can drop from this dungeon included 3 new armor/weapon sets and a new Monster Mask.

This new DLC is available for all ESO plus members and in the crown store.

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Kini for joining us.


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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…
Overly Dramatic News – @HuntsTheWind

Mkallah: Next time, we’ll be talking to Someone about something!. So until then, AIE…

– This is Mkallah
– This is Mewkow

And this has been… The AIE Podcast.