The AIE Podcast #311 – Raiding for Hairstyles

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Mkallah: We have your January event calendar
    Tetsemi: We are raiding the bank!
    Mewkow: So much Final Fantasy News!
    Mkallah: We are learning the ropes of a new intergalactic guild system
    Tetsemi: Plus, We are getting this podcasting show back on the road!

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #311 of the the podcast celebrating you, the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Mewkow: To my left is Mkallah: – (Hey, guys, there are a lot of fresh fruits and veggies in the guild kitchen!). And to my right is Tetsemi: (catch phrase here). We are our own guest this week and we have some fun question and answers!

First, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News

This month’s Community Events will be in World of Warcraft
Call of the Scarab event, Wed Jan 23rd, 8-10pm ET;
Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl, Jan 31st time 7:30pm ET

Next month’s Community Event across a number of games:
Ralff’s Amazing Race Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Streaming and guild podcast news
SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 273: 2019 Predictions

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-273 kick off 2019 with our 6th annual year-end review and next year predictions show

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 274: Catching Up On Coruscant

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-274 are back to a somewhat more normal show with check back in on our Jedi class story adventures and a first look at Coruscant.

Plus more episodes that happened over the holidays while we on break, make sure to check out for any you might have missed.

Working Class Nerds (NSFW/C Language)
Episode 34.
Guests Zen and Brian from the Bad Feeling podcast.

Nick and Marcus along with guests discuss our predictions for SWTOR in 2019 as well as Star Wars celebration and Episode 9.

Mandatory Fun Nights
Where the fun is mandatory but the attendance is not.

Monday – GW2 9:30 pm Eastern
Tuesday – SWTOR 9 pm Eastern
Friday – ESO 9 pm Eastern
FFXIV 9 pm Eastern

Saturday – STO 10 pm Eastern
Noob Raid 11 pm Eastern

Destiny 2
Just a reminder for folks looking to join, please read the pinned message in the #destiny2 channel in AIE Discord for all the information.

Something big is being revealed/announced on January 15th at 5pm Eastern. Some of it has been datamined/leaked, and it looks like it’s going involve Dragons, Breaking, Cat men and a new class of the -mancer variety.

Twitch live stream planned for the 15th to talk about what is planned for 2019 which they are referring to as The Season of the Dragon. As of right now, thoughts are it will involve a new zone focused on the Khajitt, dragons, and possibly a necromancer class.

Currently the Midyer Mayhem pvp event is in progress so people can earn event tickets to buy berries to evolve the Indrik that was obtainable in 2018. They have three additional events planned for the first quarter – The Morrowind Celebration, Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood Celebration, and the Jester’s Festival. Depending on the dates of these events, we will focus on them for our MFN’s as they happen.

Also a reminder that MFN in ESO is still going strong. We run every Friday night at 9pm EST .

We now have 6 raid team participating the guild bank / raid bank program. If your raid team would like to participate, please contact Syreyne in game or in Discord and/or post in the #raidteam-news channel in AIE Discord. Also see the pinned message in #raidteam-news for more information on this project.

In SWTOR we are learning the ropes of the new guild system. Both guilds have been ranking up nicely and every week we have to decide which perks to buy or if it makes sense to wait.

Speaking of Conquest, we won a planet! It’s a world of refineries and poison, but it’s ours! AIE is on the road to galaxy domination!

MFN continues to run on Tuesday nights starting at 9PM Eastern. Tuesday the 15th, we will be on the Republic side.

MEGA is coming up this Saturday (the 19th) with a night of friendly GSF. The asteroids might not be friendly, but the guildies will be.

AIE in Final Fantasy. We’re still here, folks! Drop by the community Discord #ffxiv channel to catch us up with what you’re doing in the game and to coordinate events, daily roulettes, new dungeons, trials and raid help!

Note that our world, Goblin, will be departing the Aether Data Center and become part of the migration to the new Crystal Data Center. We realize this is a game changer for many and if this will affect your ability to play with AIE please let us know now. We’ll also announce details on how AIE will be dealing with this change on the AIE website at when we have all the final details.
As a side note: Those that may still be on Gilgamesh, that server will NOT be moving to the Crystal datacenter with Goblin, so those servers will be separated. For those that haven’t had time or money to do a server move, they did mention they would be allowing free server transfers once the moves start to happen.

Expansion announcement: Shadowbringers
Expect new classes and a new race. If you have been keeping up to date on the most recent raid content, you might have a good idea of what the new race is.

New Patch content: 4.5 A Requiem for Heroes
* New story for the Main Scenario Questline
* Now play Mahjong in the Gold Saucer against AI or other players
* New emotes, and hairstyles
* Blue Mage job introduced this Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019
* New dungeon: Ghimlyt Dark
* New trial: Wreath of Snakes
* Weekly reward limit for Alphascape has been removed
* New Alliance dungeon: Orbonne Monastery
* New PvP Season 12 of The Feast
* New items, house furnishings, class changes and game tweaks, etc.

Seasonal Events:
* Starlight Celebration has come and gone. Now it’s Heavensturn until Jan 15, 2019, Tuesday. Get out and do it now if you haven’t already. Buy your housing item and earn hour “hog helmets!”

Letter from the Producer Live XLIX (49) from the Paris Fan Festival
February 3, 2019 at 1AM PST
It’ll be broadcast on

* Preview of changes coming in Patch 4.55
* Special guest: Ayumi Namae, Character Concept Artist

The latest episode of the Living World Season 4, “All or Nothing”, is now available! Be sure to log in a toon to get the unlock. The Wintersday event is over and the Lunar New Year event is coming up in early February. And after the December hiatus, MFN is starting up again.

So, a few questions for all of us.

Question one- what was the geekiest gift you gave?
Tetsemi: Pretty much everything I gave was geeky and clothing related, even to my FERT Secret Santa
Mkallah: I gave a lot of geeky gifts, but I think my favourite was the Fallout bottle cap bracelet that I made for Mrs Mew.
Mewkow: Much like Tets, most of my gifts tend to be rather geeky. I’ve gotten a number of fallout cosplay items for MrsMew, and reached back for an old school geeky gift by giving a DVD of Chess in Concert to OldLadyFranks. I’ve also sprinkled the gift of gaming all over.

Question two: what was the geekiest gift you got?
Tetsemi: William Gibson’s ArchAngel
Mkallah: SO many geeky gifts! But, I think my favourite is the D&D Arts and Arcana book from my best friend.
Mewkow: Metric tons of fallout goodies.

Question three: What is your geeky New Years resolution?
Tetsemi: Put more character into my characters
Mkallah: focus on research and writing. And, I should play a game here or there. I intended to while on break from work, but never got around to it.
Mewkow: Spread the love to more of my ongoing games instead of hyper focusing on just 1 or 2.

Question four: What are you looking forward to in the New Year’s around AIE?
Tetsemi: Nerdtacular 2020, oh wait, this year, Phoenix Fan Fusion with AIE/Tadpool Folks.
Mkallah: getting back to planning more Phoenix area AIE/Tadpool events
Mewkow: Ready to see what our AIE raiding teams do with the next raid, and making sure to keep better tabs on their progress.

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank our selves for joining us.

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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…

Overly Dramatic News – @Acuzod
Overly Dramatic News – @HuntsTheWind
Ask Buxley – @AskBuxley

Next time, we’ll be talking to Syrene in WOW. So until then, AIE…

– This is Mewkow
– This is Mkallah
– This is Tetsemi

And this has been… The AIE Podcast.