January Community Events in World of Warcraft

Attention all you AIE social butterflies and lovely miscreants!!  I am trying to be more diligent about making posts for WoW regarding upcoming events and stuff you need to know.  So to that end, here is a list of simple and quick events we have going on in January.

Wednesday, January 23rd (tonight!) from 8pm-10pm Server is the Call of the Scrab Event.  This is a Blizzard micro-holiday.  Relive the opening of the Gates and help display the Horde banner for the rest of the year!

Thursday, January 31st is the next Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl!  This was a big success last time.  Several slightly drunken photos may have been posted to Twitter.  We’re meeting up in Dalaran at 7:30pm Server.  This is an open event, so just give a holler in guild chat, and join us at the next stop!

Don’t forget!  The new raid opened yesterday and our raid teams are already hard at work!  Check discord for updates and recruitment opportunities!