AIE Raid Teams and the Guild Vault


AIE Raid Teams and the Guild Vault

There are many great positives about being in a large community guild like AIE, where members can get to participate in many varied aspects of the game from quest groups, dungeon groups, raid groups, pvp groups, role playing groups, and just hanging out with a great bunch of people.

Unfortunately, there are some compromises that need to be made when you’re not a “standard” guild. For example, a “standard” raiding guild would have ranks based on their raid roles, access to the guild vault based on their raiding, and the ability to let raid tanks have unlimited guild repairs. Doing these things in a guild (well, 11 co-guilds!) as large and diverse as AIE is difficult at best, and in some cases just technically not possible given the limited control we have on guild management from Blizzard.

A side effect of this is that some raid teams in AIE might reach a point where they feel they need those features, and remove their “mains” from AIE to start a dedicated raiding guild. While we fully understand the reasons, it’s also disheartening because it starts to fragment our community.

To help combat this to some degree, the Officers have discussed and agreed on a Pilot Program whereby Raid Teams are allocated a dedicated Guild Vault tab that they can use for their raid team. Other members of the guild would not have access to this tab. To achieve that, members of the Raid Team will need a dedicated rank in the guild, which officers will manage.

This is most definitely a Pilot Program, and a decision will be made at the end of the pilot period as to whether it will be implemented for all interested teams. There may be some unforeseen issues that arise that make managing such an arrangement untenable.

If you are the leader of  a raid team that might be interested in this program once it is approved, or have questions or feedback about such a program, please email us with details such as:

  • Raid Team name
  • Raid Leader(s) name
  • Preferred AIE co-guild



  • Nagratz
    Oct 19, 2018 @ 10:17 am

    Have you considered that raid teams could be mini co-guilds with full access to their own banks? What would be the challenges there? Raid officers could have limited rights to the mini-co-guild yet still be federated like the bigger co-guilds.

  • Syreyne
    Nov 12, 2018 @ 9:17 am

    We have been testing this program with a few of AIE’s WoW raid teams, and the feedback has been very positive and enthusiastic. Because of the response we have received from these tester teams, we are opening up the program to the whole guild. It is no longer a pilot program but a certified perk. To start with, we would like to encourage only one team per co-guild. Co-guilds that are currently in use are: Salus, Audacia, Pondera, and Libertas. If you would like to “claim” a co-guild for your raid team, please email the officers the Raid Team Name, Raid Leader Name, and Co-Guild to One of the GMs will contact you for further details on what you need to do after that.

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