Raid Teams and Groups

With the new raids starting to open in WoW BfA and ongoing and new group content in many of our other games, we wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on how group content teams work in AIE and what resources are available to help.

While AIE is not a strict “raiding” guild in any of our games, we do have many raid teams, operations teams, dungeon teams, etc. that are grouped up and running everything from casual content to top tier progression. Teams run themselves and it’s up to them and their raid or team leader to form up, set their schedule, recruit members and figure out how to parcel out loot. The guild only asks that everyone still abides by AIE guild culture and policy and are, as always, excellent to each other.

If you’d like to start a team, join a team, or are running a team, here are a couple guild resources currently available to help. We may be updating these over time but these are current today:

Discord #raidteam-recruitment channel: This channel has open discussion of current teams looking for members as well as members looking for something specific and offering up their services. If you are leading a team and would like your team advert pinned, an officer can help.

Discord #raidteam-news channel: This channel has news, updates on progression and screenshots of some of the latest team progress. Exciting stuff and a good place to check out who is killing what.

Guild Calendar: Our guild calendar on has entries for most of our groups and teams across our games. Again, if you need something added or updated for your team, an officer can help.

Guild Chat and Discord Game Channels: While we used to have Looking For Group (LFG) channels in various games, they were underused and have been retired at this point. Everyone should feel free to use in-game guild chat or our game discord channels to get groups going, especially for spontaneous stuff like dungeons and world boss fights.

Facebook Team Albums: A newer work in progress is our guild Facebook albums of groups and teams. We are trying this out as a way to view teams and can get your team listed here as well. Details on each team can be found in the notes for each.

Twitter #AIEGuild: For Twitter users, using and keeping an eye out for the #AIEGuild hashtag will get you a channel of guild tweets, including on occasion, raid team news and recruitment talk. You can see that feed here on this site in the right column on the front page.

If you have any questions or need any help with your team, feel free to reach out to the officers in the Discord #LFO channel and we’ll do our best. Have fun storming the castle!