Trial of Style Event This Weekend

Gustytail and Syreyne are hosting a Show off Your Mog for Trial of Style. We are organizing WoW guild members into groups of 6 to run the Trial of Style together. This is a great time to earn your 1st Place shirt for winning the contest, along with the currency needed to buy the transmog sets and toys from the vendor.  There are 4 new transmog sets to purchase and 3 toys (stage decorations that only work on stage during the event). The tokens you receive for playing are soulbound but the rewards are Bind on Account (BoA).

The dates and times are for Friday August 31 at 8pm EST, Saturday September 1 at 2pm EST and 9pm EST, Sunday September 2 at 1pm EST, and Monday September 3 at 8pm EST.  We encourage everyone to create groups any time outside of that however! And don’t forget, you need a shirt and tabard in your bags before queuing up. You have to wear one to transmog one!

You can always create your transmog sets in advance too!  This time around the transmog categories are: Summer Style, Winter Wear, Zen, Magical Modeling, Spook-tacular, Ready for Battle, Fun & Flirty, Mismatched Mayhem, Dark & Deadly, Faction Pride, Make Me Laugh, Tabard Time, Everyday Heroes, Epic Purple, Champions of the Light, and Freestyle.

Good luck and see you this weekend!