Summer of Love 2018 Wrap-Up

For one last time that week, Max traversed another multiverse boundary, projecting himself through the space between the smallest building blocks of the many realities he and his guild roamed. Shift completed, he glanced at his travel log. In this dimension the log took the form of a heads up display projected by his cybernetics, instead of a Kirin Tor scroll, eidetic lore book, tricorder or any of the other myriad forms it might take. “One week, 14 events, 8 different universes. That was an epic ride.”, he sighed with content.

“You! Astromech!”, he barked, pointing at random at one of the many he kept on hand for these occasions, “I’ve got a job for you.” While the droid rolled over, eager to help, Max started the upload of the recordings he had on hand…

“I know I’m missing some,” Max growled, “but that’ll have to do for now.”

“Ok, buddy. Broadcast time. You know what to do.”

As the droid headed toward the airlock ready for its mission, Max slowly started to remove his battered armor pieces. First one shoulder guard, then another, dropping each in turn on the floor. He wasn’t sure why, but as he looked down tiredly at those two pieces, he had the feeling he wouldn’t be putting them back on for a while.


Sincere thanks to everyone that organized, lead and participated in our 2018 guild Summer of Love events. Check the above links for replays and let us know if you have more to add. Thanks!