Looking for a WoW Officer?

Hey everyone!  It’s your favorite cat herder here with an important update for all you World of Warcraft players!  As most of you know, once your application is approved in Umami (or you’re a returning member), you need to /join aielfo in-game to ask an officer for an invite to one of our co-guilds.  That is no longer the case anymore.

That’s right!  We have joined the Blizzard Communities!  We now have an AIELFO Community where you can find officers for invites, ask questions, or request changes to different co-guilds for raiding in Battle for Azeroth.  Our officer corp is already in there, using the channel, and is ready to go.  To instructions on how to access the channel, go to https://aie-guild.info/wowlfo.  Remember, this type of community is only accessible in-game and not through the Battle.net launcher.

You may be asking yourself, why the change?  Well, here are some of the pros to moving AIELFO to Communities:

  • Persistent Chat Channel – This ability lets officers just logging in see who’s been in chat asking for invites while they were offline.
  • Full Control of Channel – No need to worry about moderator control or malcontents password protecting the channel and locking out officers or guild members.
  • Voice Channel – We can walk someone through something over voice if they don’t have Discord setup yet.
  • Moderators – Tetsemi won’t complain for moderation privileges because all officers have moderation privileges after their first log in, and moderation persists after log out.
  • Bonus – Identity 2 works with Communities!

We understand there are a few cons to this as well, such as having everyone learn the new system.  But we feel the pros outweigh the cons.  And don’t worry!  The /join aielfo will still be working during the transition period.  As always, you can hop into AIE Discord in the #lfo channel and ask for an officer if you need help.

So, after all that, you may be thinking, well when are you going to implement this for the general membership?  The answer is, it’s already live!  We’ve been quietly testing this new system over the weekend with positive results.  Umami has already issued an update bulletin.  Acceptance letters for new applications are also updated.  And the GMotD in-game will also have the link.

So share the news with your fellow guild members!  For The Horde!