Let’s Launch BfA With A Bang!

You receive a parchment letter, stamped with a guild seal.  Wondering what could possibly be going on now, after all the traveling done over the past week, you open the letter to find the following:

You are most cordially invited to Gustytail’s Block Party!  Dress to impress with your fiery looks!  Bring those hard won battle pets of flaming destruction!  Don’t forget your incendiary trinkets and gizmos!  There will be fire!  There will be prizes!  But mostly, there will be cake!

~~Gustytail Strongbreeze

Join us on Sunday, August 12th at 8pm eastern in Orgrimmar Valley of Strength to celebrate the ending of the Legion expansion and the beginning of Battle for Azeroth.  Wear your best Horde fiery transmog with shoulders optional.  Bring the fire to Orgrimmar!  Summon your fire pets, your guild banners, and all those crazy flaming toys.  And fireworks!  Let’s light up Orgrimmar and celebrate the launch with a bang!