AIE COOP Summary

Thanks to the more than 60 members of the guild who came out for the COOP run last week. Following the commands of the Dark Lady Sylvanas, the group made the rounds bringing war to the Alliance, as is COOP tradition.


Stormwind was the first target with two raid groups needed to hold the team forming up outside the city gates. What followed was a quick whirlwind sweep through the bank, auction house and an attack on the castle and a takedown of Anduin with only a little resistance from a few brave Alliance heroes.

Express travel connecting two major capitals seems like poor defensive planning but all the better for the horde assault moving on to Ironforge and an assault on the throne and council there.


Moving on to Darkshore on a fleet of plague bats, the team enacted the main thrust of Sylvanas attack. Some may have shared Saurfangs reservations but when the Warchief says to “burn it” we must obey (and maybe even stop for a selfie).




From there the group may have pushed through to one last location and while the nights fun may have ended there early, they did nearly complete the impossible and their efforts were recognized (by Blizzard in the 8/8 Hotfix!)



Thanks all for participating in this classic and epic AIE WoW event!


Full twitch replay of the event here, courtesy of Syreyne.