Antorus Tours for Noob Raiders

As Dankinia departs on an extra long, super secret mission trip assigned to her from the Council of Six, she leaves behind a very large stack of addressed letters with her friend Katy Stampwhistle.  Each one of her fellow Saturday night compatriots receive an envelope with the following message written on parchment inside.

Hello Fellow N.O.O.B. Members!


With Kini on vaca (haha), I’m taking over Noobs for a few weeks.  I know you guys have been fighting the Legion in Tomb, but I think we can do better!  I’m here to lead you guys on an adventure!  We’re heading to Argus!  So hop aboard, stow and lock your tray tables, and secure your pets and luggage!  We’re blasting off into space!  Without Team Rocket.


So join my fun loving raiders and friends, and let’s defeat the Legion once and for all!  Who’s with me?


The Cutest and Bestest Rogue Ever!  ~Syreyne

As you may have guessed from the letter you received, Syreyne, DoA raid team, and other AIE raiders are offering carries through Normal Antorus raid for Noob Raid members.  While we can’t guarantee an Argus kill, we will kill bosses you’ve never seen outside of LFR.  It should be fun and crazy and very much AIE.

The Plan: Antorus Raid – Normal Mode

Who’s Invited? This is targeted at noob raiders who have not run Antorus outside of LFR. In the spirit of Noob Raid,  they’ll have priority. If there’s space, the team may be able to take a few more raiders, raiders on alts, etc.

When’s the Party? Saturday night raid times – July 21st and July 28th (8-10pm – Raid One, 10-11pm – Break, 11-1am – Raid Two (fresh lock out/new raid instance))

The fine print:  We are aiming here to help Noob members to be able to see the last tier of raid content and possibly get gear to help with starting quests in BFA. We want to keep that Noob Raid spirit going and aren’t focused on alts or extra gear for raiders in general.

Invites will be open on first come first serve basis starting 15 minutes prior to raid times.  The number of slots per raid will depend on number of experienced raiders.  There will be a limited number of spots per raid. Noob members will need to be running as DPS mostly.  Healer spots are limited and we will have tanks covered since we’ll be running our experienced tanks and heals in order to successfully carry everyone.  These fights are harder and more complicated than previous tiers. There may be wipes and we may not get to Argus. If you come for Raid One, you will be listed as standby for Raid Two and so on, as preference will go to someone who hasn’t done any of the raids offered.  There is no guarantee how far any raid will go.

Hired Hands: If you are a geared and experienced raider with Antorus and would like to help out, please contact Syreyne (Officer Sy on alt Identity) in-game or Syreyne in Discord.  Thanks.

*This event is Kini approved.