Volunteer Guard Day 2018

*You receive a parchment letter in your mailbox, closed with the official wax seal of your guild, Alea Iacta Est.*

Everyone knows what a great adventurer you are. You travel throughout Azeroth and the cosmos, defeating great evil like the Lich and Legion. You defend our far reaching territories from those pesky Alliance. All in the name of the Horde. 

And yet, there are those that stay behind. Those who never travel. Who never leave our capitals. They protect our leaders, our citizens, and our trade. While you are off fighting the Legion, they stay home to repel Alliance invasions at Orgrimmar and defend our capitals and at our smaller towns.

These unsung heroes are our illustrious guards.

It has been decided that there shall be a day every year to honor these warriors. I implore you to step up and join them. Salute them with respect. And defend our fair city.

I hope to see you all there!

— Syreyne, Officer, Herder of Cats and Collector of Left Sharks

*End of missive*

Please join us on Saturday, April 28th, 2018, as we celebrate the mico-holiday of Volunteer Guard Day. We will be meeting up as a guild in Orgrimmar at 10pm Server Time. There will be pets given away, and maybe some other shenanigans.

All you need to do is /salute a city guard. This will give you a buff and allow you to attack city invaders. You can earn a title for the day depending on how many invaders you kill. Even though we aren’t meeting up until later, you can do this event on your own all day long. There is a nice write up in the comments on Wowhead that explains how everything works.

Let’s fill Orgrimmar with AIE and defend our city! For The Horde!