AIEU Fleet Commander Program

In an effort to promote fun, responsibility and continued social ties AIEU is announcing a new initiative to incentivize pilots to become corporate level Fleet Commanders.

This will be done by providing a direct financial incentive to AIEU (non director) pilots for running ratting, escalation or mining fleets of three or more pilots (excluding multi box alts).

Interested pilots must update and submit a Google Drive spreadsheet with a record of the fleet, it’s participants and any salvage sales contracts (contracted to AIETC) AIEU’s salvage buyback trade entity.
Qualifying pilots will be paid a direct sum of 40 million ISK from AIEU on top of whatever bounties and salvage proceeds splits paid to each participating pilot.

Initial funds for the program have been provided by individual members of AIEU to promote

Requirements for the program FC payout:

  • Post your fleet announcement on AIEU Discord under the #fleet_ops channel.
  • Fleet must consist of at least three individuals (no alts).
  • If is a ratting or escalation fleet, FC will create a salvage split Google sheet listing all pilots and submit link to the sheet. Salvage contract will then be verified with AIETC.
  • Only non Director pilots can qualify for the FC payout.

The FC program will continue until all money’s collected have been exhausted. At that time a notice will be sent out regarding the termination of the program.

SRP will follow the guidance as described in the Blades of Grass SRP policy located at:,23438.0.html

Details and fleet requirements can change at any time as needed.

Have fun and explode hilariously!

Lanctharus Onzo
Explodey Meister