A special message from the eternal beloved AIEU space dictator Hoots

洗手间在哪里? (This is definitely not “Where is the restroom?”)

Opsec Status: High

Sensitive information redacted and edits made for public consumption

<Begin transmission>

While I sometimes pretend to be the space tyrant of AIEU, in reality I’m more a Janitor-in-Chief. I keep the lights on, I make sure the place is running smoothly, and I sometimes have to remove some really smelly trash.

When I was approached by Basil and Ein about the move I was initially skeptical, but I’ve been sold on the upsides. At the end of the day I’m looking forward to fighting for the space we live in rather than it being handed to us, and I’m looking forward to working with hyper competent folks like League of Unaligned Master Pilots [LUMPY].

You may hear grumblings associated with this move, that some members of Blades of Grass have low morale or that they are unable or unwilling to log in and “do anything” in EVE. Frankly, AIEU doesn’t fit that narrative. Spirits are high, we have a great deal of fresh blood, and the momentum is in our favor.

We’re a bright spot within the alliance and our morale is largely unaffected by the situation in the Drone Regions because we generally do not rely the whims of others to make our content.

When we are bored, we make our own content.

I don’t anticipate this move to impact our morale or change our trajectory. If anything, it’ll just give us more PVP stuff to do. Also, not to toot our own horn (but to totally toot our own horn), we don’t make decisions based on committee or votes, so we have a much more stable experience for our pilots.

People who aren’t happy are generally gently shown the door.

It’s all put us in a very good spot and is going to let us hit the ground running in what we do next in Blades of Grass.

Also, vodka is pretty terrible anyway. Tea is way better.

For additional information regarding AIE in EVE Online, visit the #eve_embassy channel in AIE Discord.


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