First Annual Ralff’s Amazing Race Event

First Annual Ralff’s Amazing Race

One year ago, on February 17th, AIE lost one of its greatest leaders and friends. Words cannot express the true heartbreak the AIE Community felt on that day. While there is nothing we can do to bring Ralff back, we can always remember him for the person he was, and honor him for the legacy he left behind. So honor him we shall.

One of Ralff’s last requests made on the officer forums was to hold an event in WoW similar to the Amazing Race. So in remembrance of our friend, we have started a new annual event, Ralff’s Amazing Race. The inaugural run is this Saturday, February 17th, 2018 and will continue on every year in February.

The Race will be held in World of Warcraft, with registration starting at 8pm ET/Server Time in Orgrimmar. There will be a shotgun style start at 9pm when everyone will receive the first clue. You will need to find the next waypoint and engage with the master clue giver in a mini-game for the next clue. Points will be given to everyone that reaches the next clue. Those with the highest points at the end will win prizes, however I promised on the podcast that all participates will receive Left Sharks! Yay!

So grab your mounts and bags of tricks, put your goblin engineered thinking caps on, and join us for a silly good time. All waypoints are in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, so don’t worry about being 110. And if you don’t have level 60 flying, now is a great time to make a friend in AIE!

Until Saturday, my friends!