Kittee and Tiara’s Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

Greetings AIE!

I am very happy to announce that Kittee Fantastico and Tiara Leigh of our Final Fantasy XIV gaming community will be exchanging vows in their Ceremony of Eternal Bonding on Sunday, the 30th of July 2017 at 7PM EDT.

Sanctum of the Twelve

This may come as a shock to those who know the happy couple. However, between Kittee’s seemingly random, explosive tendencies and Tiara’s great love of collecting mounts in the game; we can all smile and offer sagely Warrior of Light nods to their union.

Invitations may be requested from the couple prior to the event, and are required to enter the Ceremony at the Sanctum of the Twelve in the East Shroud. You may send a friend request to either of them so they may mail you an invitation, or you can track them down in game or in the AIE Discord.

Sanctum of the Twelve mapWhen the joyful day arrives, make sure you have the invitation in your inventory and at least one free inventory space before entering the instance at the Sanctum of the Twelve. Try to arrive 20 minutes prior to the event. The nearest Aetheryte crystal is at the Hawthorne Hut in the East Shroud. Some guests in attendance will be available to escort you to the ceremony. If you are creating a new character to join us for the event, make sure to create them with a starting city of Gridania on the Goblin world of the Aether data center.

If you’re having trouble picking out attire for the ceremony, visit Rianne in Ul’dah, Steps of Nald. A guest overview to the event may be found at the Final Fantasy XIV Ceremony of Bonding site. Your character will appear in various cutscenes throughout the event, so make sure you look fantastico!

Abo and MapleAlso, in attendance will be the marvelous Ms. Maple as the flower lady, and Abovan Vancegood as the rings bearer.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Again, congratulations to them both!