The AIE Podcast #276 – WoW, We’ll Talk your Ear Off!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    • Mew: We are talking to ourselves
    • Mkallah: There are Rusty Ashes of Creation?
    • Tetsemi:: Keeping up with Broken Shore
    • Mew: Are you ready for Stormblood?
    Mkallah: We have Captain Cybyl’s STO update

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Welcome to episode #276 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Tetsemi. To my left is Mewkow (Greetings, Gamers). And, to my right is Mkallah (Hey, guys, there are dark chocolate fig cakes in the guild kitchen). We are our own guests again!

Ok, we’ll be digging into News shortly, but first, let’s talk about what we have been up to.

Got through the Druid Class Order Hall and Artifact Quest line (Tank/Melee DPS) and just getting caught up on the Broken Shore quest line (stuck on the 12 wq’s). Once I get caught up, I’ll start on my Rogue. Also have been working on my crafting a bit, it’s very much a slog on alts, compared to previous expansions, so not focusing too much on it.

Dabbling in SWTOR a bit, checking out Iokath and it’s dailies. Trying to find time to get into either MFN or an operation, but days have been very busy.

Mewkow – In FF14, finally got my Bard to ilevel 230, so I’ll be running the final dungeons for Heavensward and will be ready for the expansion. Once that is done, I’ll try to grind a bit of Gil, and level gathering and crafting classes to try and have those ready for Stormblood. FC has been quite active lately, likely due to expansion hype. Sadly, new players can’t join us on Gilgamesh, but lots of returning players are appearing. I will be joining in the Early Access play on the 16th, which should give me plenty of time to get pretty far in before WoW drops the Tomb in everyone’s laps. Not very subtle of them to have it come out on the same day as Stormblood, which has been a known date for quite a while. Thoughts?

And speaking of WoW, paladin is 110 now and with the partial catch-up of artifact knowledge, and some AP grinding, is closely catching up to my warrior so I can have the two tank types ready for Tomb. Both my FERT druid and worgen warrior are nearly at knowledge level 40 and a couple traits away from concordance. Once I get them to 40, I’ll be sharing the knowledge love around to my many alts. My belf rogue is waiting for the knowledge boost before going too much deeper in that story.

In SWTOR, I have been moving forward in the Fallen Empire storyline with my Bounty Hunter.

In non MMO gaming, I am currently exploring the many mods that are being made for Fallout 4, now that the game is in a more final state as far as DLC goes. There are some impressive DLC like mods out there, adding tons of story and lore to the game. Some even feature voice acting, and add new factions to the game, like the Enclave from Fallout 3, and even NCR armor and power armors from other groups.

A while back, I managed to get my hands on an Oculus, and I’m seeing the promise coming there. I saw a new controller being kickstarted that will bring ‘touch’ to VR by having haptic feedback in a glove. The fact that it is aiming to be compatible with all the existing VR headsets is promising because the more VR becomes interchangeable in tech, the strong it becomes as a whole.

For a recent real life leveling event, I got a nintendo switch. It came with the new Mario Kart, which will allow me to participate in some of the workplace gaming that’s been going on lately amongst the switch owners. It’s a smooth experience on the built in screen, handles nicely. I’ll be trying the new Zelda game next which I hear is rather good. The only sore spot I’ve seen with it is inventory management and equipment breakage. Oh, and suddenly losing all sense of time while playing it.

Mkallah- Phoenix Comicon- our time and misadventures. (some guildies were nice enough to come by and say Hi! We have the best guildmates and yes, there will be some meetups coming up soon after NT- maybe something in the Tempe area even. If you have suggestions of a location, let me know). Now, to Nerdtacular Prep!

Gaming- sadly, due to Phx CC and RL issues, no tabletop gaming, though I have my warlock rolled up for an upcoming 5E came starting this Friday and am halfway through her history. And, it looks like we may be back to RPGs on Monday nights, our buddy pre-ordered a new game coming out, City of Mists, and we are going to start the intro game soon. Looks like a lot of fun, modern noir, but the players are avatars of gods, heroes, even mythological weapons, they just don’t know it yet. I am going to be playing Hel, which should be a ton of fun. And, I may be taking my first foray into running an occasional game- which scared me more than it should considering that I write 20 page character histories.

Tet- Now that we have talked about what we are doing in and out of game, let’s get into this week’s news!

AIE News

Ashes of Creation has released some pre-Alpha gameplay footage that looks very cool. The KickStarter has completed and the team wanted to show off how things look so far in the game.

Check out some of the other videos on their channel as well.

And discussions are going on in the forums –

Also a reminder that there’s a discovery post for interest in Destiny 2 and which platform you will be playing on in the forums –

Imperium Ludi
A reminder there is a community run Rust server, administered by Corley, if you’d like more information or just to swing by and say hi, check out the #survival-exploration channel in the AIE Discord.

Make sure you’re up to date with the Broken Shore questline as this upcoming week is the last quest needed for the achievement and the class mount becomes available for each characters that’s completed the achievement. You can use the class mount on lower level characters of the same class once they have the ability to use mounts. It’s both a ground and flying mount as well, so it’s worth a bit of time to do the quests on Broken Shore.

If you’ve been current on your Artifact Knowledge, you should be hitting level 40 this week which is the cap, for now. Blizzard tweeted out that once you hit level 40 in Artifact Knowledge, you’ll be able to send an AK40 tome to your alts. Originally it was going to be 35, following the 5 levels below your current knowledge divided by 5, but made a design decision to make it 40.

Also don’t forget patch 7.2.5 is slated to drop June 20th, which will be the release of the Tomb of Sargeras raid.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 195: Free Droid Companion

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-195 talk about the HK-51 mission line, how to get him as a companion, and what our favorites parts are of this older but still relevant content.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 196: Have Roadmap, Will Travel

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-196 talk about the new producer’s roadmap that was just published and what the Summer of SWTOR is shaping up to be.

MFN Is imperial side this week and next week will be republic.

The next expansion, Stormblood, is nearly here. Those that have pre-ordered the expansion can start in Early Access play on June 16th at 2am Pacific time, with the official start being on June 20th. (Nice try WoW).
There are several class previews available online to give you an idea of how your classes are changing. I am looking forward to the changes coming for Bard as they are finally fixing the class back to its pre Heavensward mobile glory, while giving the songs a much more synergizing role in battles. You can find this and all other class information videos on youtube by searching for Stormblood Class changes, and the name of the class. You will also find some good videos on the two new classes; Red Mage and Samurai.

Captain Cybyl’s Star Trek Online News Summary for week ending 6/4/2017:

1. It is that time of year for the annual Risa Lohlunat Festival! This event is happening June 8th to July 20th. A New daily event, the Biathlon, has been added. Win prize vouchers for new vanity pets, beachwear, mini-powerboards, jetpacks, and much, much more. The Annual Summer Event Starship is a new T6 Vorgon (NOT Vogon) Ryn’Kodan Carrier! For a complete listing of prizes and starship stats please visit the Star Trek Online website.

2. A new backstory has been posted to the STO website blog on May 26th, entitled ‘Fortunes of War and Peace’. If a player miraculously receives a smuggler’s Amarie Heavy Escort as a prize in a random R&D Pack, this backstory explains it’s existence. Get a chance for a new career after retirement from Starfleet!

3. A Duty Officer weekend! From Thursday, June 1st, to Monday, June 5th, playing any Duty Officer content that provides Commendation XP shall yield an additional 50% XP bonus! Also, the annual Particle Scanning Event at the Starfleet Academy campus, will again reward additional Duty Officers.

4. What a coincidence! The C-Store is having a 20% off Duty officer pack sale this weekend. But wait! There’s more: during the previously mentioned Duty Officer Weekend, opening ANY Duty Officer packs purchased on the C-Store will yield a FREE additional green or better Duty Officer.

5. Don’t forget: The AIE Fleet’s Star Bases are always seeking contributions of materiel and personnel. And once again, please check out news, backstories, UI patch notes, forums, commentary, and other goodies at the Star Trek Online website .

Until next time, Captain Cybyl signing off


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Altitis – @TheMewKow
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We will keep you posted on our next show as soon as we have details, since our next scheduled show is Father’s Day! And, we are also in discussion to do a show from Nerdtacular! So, until Next time-

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