The AIE Podcast #275 – Flipping AIE Houses

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    • Tetsemi: Comicon is coming!
    • Mewkow: Help create the Ashes of Creation
    • Mkallah: Any plans for Summer of Love?
    • Tetsemi: Come for the fun nights!
    Mewkow: And, we are our own guest tonight

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #275 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Mkallah: To my left is Tetsemi: – (I have spreadsheets for my spreadsheets). And to my right is Mewkow (Greetings, Gamers!). This week we are joined by ourselves and we are here to talk to us about AIE Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be chatting shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News

Phoenix Comicon is coming up next weekend and several AIE folks will be in attendance as vendors and attendees. If you want to see Mkallah and Nevermore, stop by booth 501/503 and browse their wares! If you want to see Alachaas and Leontine (Ozarin) stop by the 501st Legion Outpost and you be able to catch a glimpse of them or take a shot at them in the Shoot a Trooper game! Bouvi will be at booth 396 & 398 (Hero Initiative), stop by and say hi!

Keep an eye out on to see if any of the Phoenix guildies are meeting up at Comicon or for a food gathering nearby!

Imperium Ludi
With the recent announcement by Bungie and Blizzard that the Destiny 2 game will be utilizing the Blizzard Launcher and the Friends/Chat/Voice capabilities it provides, Durus has started a new poll asking folks that are buying Destiny 2 which platform they’ll be playing on. Consider this a check of the community for possible AIE organizational activities 🙂

Galadeon brings us a new update for Ashes of Creation, they’ve launched a Kickstarter and it’s fully funded, you still have 11 days (from this recording) if you want to contribute and have a chance to get into the alpha. There is a new video up for the Kickstarter, and I, personally, am waiting on the 3rd and 4th Nodes videos.

Corley is hosting a Rust server and a very tight knit community has been actively playing on it. The server is being kept up to date with patches and other features as they become available. If you’d like to try Rust out and play with AIE folks, drop by the #survival-exploration channel on Discord for more information.

Still working on getting flying in Legion? Some tips and tricks for tracking what you need to do and how to get a little edge on the harder factions to get to revered can be found in the forum thread

Summer of Love (slated for the beginning of August) planning is in full swing. If you’d like to run an event, contact Syreyne on the forums, in Discord, or on one of her many alts in game! There will be a CooP run, a Running of the X (most like in conjunction with CTR guild like last time), a Remembrance Day meet up at the Shrine of the Fallen Soldier and a march to Orgrimmar. With Ralff’s passing this year, it will be especially meaningful for the guild. Keep an eye on the Discord channels and forums for the other games as well for their activities!

Roka_imo (on the forums) has rejoined the Wars among the Stars and the forum posting contains a lot of good information for folks recently returning to the game as well as guild activities and things to focus on in game while leveling up.

Mandatory Fun Night will be on the pub side this week and then imp for the next two, continuing the rotation and getting both factions some love!

The summer “roadmap” should be published soon from Bioware. We saw a few hints of what to come earlier from Keith, but the full roadmap with, hopefully, a lot more information should be out in the next couple of weeks.

The next boss of the new operation “Gods from the Machine” is entering testing.

SWTOR Ops Wrapup
Imperial Teams:
Lord of Light is finishing a couple week break with people finishing up school, traveling for work and getting ready for summer.

Sith with Unlimited Power ran Eternity Vault and 4/5 bosses in Karagga’s Palace with help from friends. It was a great night for all involved.

Republic Team:
Soldiers of Light ran Dread Fortress and had a great night as a team. Looking forward to tomorrow night.

All the teams are fully staffed, but, keep an eye out on Discord on Mon., Wed., and Thur., because real life happens and fill-ins get needed,lol.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 193: I Owe Kath Daily

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-193 do a walkthrough of Iokath dailies and talk about tips and tricks.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 194: Stronghold Secrets

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-194 talk about Strongholds, favorite decorations and tips for using your prosperity as a weapon.

From Durus and the rest of the FF14 officer team:

The Data Center moves for the FFXIV NA servers completed without any significant incident and servers were actually back online ahead of schedule. One thing that does impact AIE’s server on the Aether Datacenter, Gilgamesh, is that it is now locked to both character creation and paid transfers. Neither is currently possible as they are working to stabilize population on high pop servers through the launch of Stormblood next month.

However, the officers are keenly aware of the impact this has on recruitment and the the desire of existing members to play with friends new to the game. We’re following things closely and while some are concerned and looking at the possibility of server moves, etc., at this time there are no options or incentives in place for us to undertake such a thing but we are eagerly awaiting Square Enix’s decisions on how the want to attempt to balance populations. We’re hurrying up and waiting, in the meantime let the fun continue.

Our Final Fantasy Fun Nights, @9PM EDT on Fridays, have seen some increased participation and we’re working on Alexander 8-man raids. Last Friday we completed the second stage of these raids and we’ll be focusing on “Creator”, the last four levels of Alexander, moving forward.

Captain Cybyl’s Star Trek Online News Summary for week ending 5/21/2017:

1. The last featured episode, ’Mirrors and Smoke’, released April, 25th. Will be offering new 4th week rewards for replays until Tuesday, May 23rd

2. Kipleigh Brown, the voice actress who voiced Lukari Captain Kuumaarke in many featured episodes, was interviewed by the STO community manager, Ambassador Kael. The interview audio has been posted on the STO blog. A fascinating and talented voice actress indeed!

3. A 20% off starship sale in the C-Store is happening from Thursday, May 18th through Monday, May 22nd! Now is the time for captains to get the ship of their dreams!

4. A bonus marks weekend! From Thursday, May 18 to Monday, May 22nd, playing any game content that provides Fleet or Reputation marks as a reward will give you an additional 50% bonus!

5. The stats of the recently released T6 Light Cruisers as well as the newly upgraded and re-released T1 Miranda class Light Cruiser have been posted to the STO blog.

6. Don’t forget: The AIE Fleet’s Star Bases are always seeking contributions of materiel and personnel. And once again, please check out news, backstories, UI patch notes, forums, commentary, and other goodies at the Star Trek Online website .

Until next time, Captain Cybyl signing off

And with that, let’s get back to ourselves and find out what’s going on in AIE..


Got my druid to 110 and now working through the class order hall and artifact story lines for her.

Got my Mage, DK and Warrior current on the Broken Shore quest line so far, with my Paladin being held back by the do 12 WQ’s on the Broken Shore. My druid has done the opening scenario and is starting to work on the story line.

Going to work on leveling my Rogue next after I get my druid finished on the Order Hall/Artifact Weapon quests.

Working on Iokath dailies on both Dark and Light side characters, waiting for more story to occur, but enjoying it so far. Almost maxxed out the faction for each.

Going to work on getting my other characters to end game, have a couple going through the KotFE story right now and a backlog stuck on Ilum (yes I’m a completionist :P)

Finished second run through Fallout 4 doing BoS faction. First run through was railroad to institute.

Tanked first heroic guldan kill two get the AOTC achievement. Had also gotten the elisande kill before it. Elisande extra rings. Guldan extra add.
Leveling paladin using legion invasions for research.

Started playing with VR in oculus. Learned I need more room. Lots of potential.

Prepping for FF14. Discussions with admin on transfers and what’s involved. Pros and cons of staying or moving. Redid my system to support new expansion.

Social opportunities at work due to gaming. Discuss.

Mkallah: Most of my time has been has been spent getting ready for Phoenix Comicon wishing I was gaming, somewhere, on a computer, with friends at a table, with friends over roll20, some D&D with some great people from the Tadpool. Oh, and speaking of gaming- I may have joined a new D&D game….. to later find out that it is also a podcast! My buddy was looking for another player for the group he recently joined since they were going from World of Darkness to D&D and. Started working on my character (yes, I finally get to play a 5th ed Warlock) and getting to know the rest of the crew (great group of geeks who totally know their stuff) when it was mentioned that the group name is Geeks and Geeklets, and the have a stream and a podcast! So, yes, I am the only one who can join a game and have it be a podcast!

Oh, and Cosplay- have I mentioned cosplay? The lovely Amy Frost- Danoria of AIE – had the crazy idea to do disney 20s cosplay for the meet and greet for Nt17- and immediately asked Mew’s geekily awesome wife Jen and me to join her. We have a group of folks joining us now. And, since 20’s couture is not complementary to figure, I decided to get back to the gym, since I have so much free time. Cause, Cosplay workouts are a thing. And, if you coming to NT and want to join us, message me and I am happy to hook you up to the group.


Nitetrek – Always a shout-out to noob raid! And the teams that got heroic guldan these past few weeks.
Suhli – Deja Noobs progressed with H Krosus this week. But they are just generally righteous dudes!
Arv – Special shoutout to Banori and Racevan for helping out my Ops team in SWTOR!
Dent – I’d like to give a shoutout to Soldiers of Light in SWTOR. We ran Dread Fortress last week with the help of Sema and Primal

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank ourselves for joining us.

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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…

Altitis – @TheMewKow
Overly Dramatic News – @HuntsTheWind

Mkallah:: Next time, we’ll be talking to someone about something in AIE! So until then, AIE…

– This is Mkallah
– This is Tetsemi
– This is Mewkow
And this has been… The AIE Podcast.