AIE Raid Wrap-Up December 2016 – The Legion begins

Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, bringing you the AIE raid wrap-up for December 2016; The Legion begins.


WoW raids




There are no teams that have downed a Mythic boss in Emerald Dream or Trials of Valor yet, but we’ll keep you posted once the siege begins.



Better Late Than Never was the first to complete the Heroic version of Emerald Dream on November 7th with Mythic on Mains following on November 27th.

Kiddie Aggro is not far behind, having taken down 5 of 7, with Just Blame the Healers at 4 of 7, Horseshoes & Handgrenades at 3 of 7, Reckless Endangerment at 2 of 7,

and Who Pulled That?!?, Dojo of Awesome, and Chicken McThuggets all at 1 of 7.


Currently, none of the teams have tackled Odyn in Trials of Valor on Heroic difficulty, but that should come with time.


Better Late Than Never was the first team to take down Normal Emerald Dream, followed by the team Mythic on Mains for second place.

All of the remaining listed teams have also completed Normal progression for Emerald Dream. In order, those include:

Who Pulled That?!?, Kiddie Aggro, Reckless Endangerment, Filthy Casuals, Hydra, Just Blame the Healers, Dojo of Awesome, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Chicken McThuggets, FERT, and Deja Noobs.


These teams are now working on Trials of Valor; with the notable exception of Better Late Than Never who have already completed this raid in first place, with Mythic on Mains following in second.

 Kiddie Aggro, Just Blame the Healers and Filthy Casuals are 2 of 3, with Reckless Endangerment at 1 of 3.


Special Mention


We have a number of teams recruiting for current raid content as well. You can find out more in the AIE raid team progression forum thread.

Wrap-up Wrap-up

And that wraps up the AIE Raid Wrap-up.

If you’d like your raid team featured on the AIE raid wrap-up, including any non-WoW games, send those details to me, Mewkow.

Also, HUGE thanks to Kardinal and now Cirol for coordinating the Raid Team Schedules and Progression forum post, and making it far easier to put this all together.

Keep raiding, AIE.

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