What Goes Around Comes Back Around

In 2007, AIE started in World of Warcraft as a fan guild for a few podcasts, primarily The Instance. For a very short time our guild name was “I Eat Babies” (from a troll NPC soundbite). Someone reported that name, and we had to pick a new one, so it very quickly became “alea iacta est”.

And in those days Randy Jordan (Randydeluxe/Maui) was our Guild Master–as well the co-host of The Instance. He led us through the Burning Crusade, and stood against the Wrath of the Lich King. He was with us during the Cataclysm and the great sundering of AIE and re-forming into 9 guilds: the great Ferting and the building of the Green Wall that unites us to this day.

Then in February 2011, Randy joined Blizzard as a Community Manager, and stepped down as AIE GM, and from The Instance. So it came to pass that one of our most esteemed praetorians, Lanctharus, stepped into the role of guild master. With other praetorians by his side, Lanc and his fabulous golden braids lead us into the Mists of Pandaria and then back to Orgrimmar to battle the corrupted Garrosh Hellscream.

As WoW expanded, AIE grew– we added co-guilds to hold our new Pandaren friends (alts)– and we went back to Draenor, long before it was broken into Outland–and we fought the Iron Horde and their Dark Portal.

But now the dark portals of grad school and EVE have pulled Lanctharus from us. AIE once again needs a leader, so we put out the call–and there was an answer.


In this sixth expansion in the World of Warcraft, as doom comes for the Horde and the Alliance, Maui returns to lead us, as the demonic Burning Legion also returns, seeking to call forth their fallen leader, the dark titan Sargeras. But they aren’t the only ones who’re back …

Hail renewed guild leader Maui! LOK’TAR OGAR!