Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4!

Final Fantasy Patch 3.4, Soul Surrender is upon us!  Click here for the full patch notes, but here are a few of the highlights after the jump.

New Main Story Content Quests, as we prepare for the next expansion!

New Alexender Raid

Two New Dungeons, Xelphatol and The Great Gubal Library (Hard).

New Side Story Quests, including more Hildabrand!

New Grand Company Quests and Rank to achieve.  With this new rank, you can hire NPCs to run missions for rewards.

Housing Auto-Demolition.  For houses that are abandoned, or has not had a FC member or owner visit the house in an extended peroid of time, the house will be demolished and will be available for purchase for a new FC or individual.  If you were looking for your own house, this may be your chance.

Apartments are also available to allow more people to have their own home.  You can decorate your homes or apartments with the new aquariums feature.  Housing still out of your budget? The AIE FC house is still up and open to all AIE members.

Triple Triad, the in-game card game now has matchmaking in the Gold Saucer.

Lord of Verminion matches, the in-game pet RTS game, can now be made via the duty finder.

Glamor prisms have been simplified.  Gone are the grade 1, 2, 3 and so forth.  Now, you just need to match up the category of the item you wish to cast your glamour on.

The Deep Dungeon, the randomly generated dungeon now has 50 more levels to explore.

New screenshot capture options, like freeze animations, group animations, depth of field, color filers, and more to get that perfect screenshot.

A right click, report RMT messages is being added!  Report all the spammers!