AIE Raid Wrap-Up August 2016 – End of Draenor edition

Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, bringing you the AIE raid wrap-up for August 2016, the End of Draenor edition.

While this was a rather long raid season, even longer than the Siege of Orgrimmar, it certainly gave us plenty of time to get things done.

With the Pre-Patch live, we might just see some teams sneak in a quick victory to finish out the expansion.

WoW raids


Just Blame The Healers went 5 bosses into Mythic HellFire Citadel, ending at Kilrogg for a 5 of 13 finish.

Better Late Than Never managed to make it to the Council, leaving them 4 of 13 to finish out.



Kiddie Aggro, and Who Pulled That ended their reign of terror with a 13/13 sweep of heroic.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has able to take out Archimonde, making them 13 of 13 in Heroic as of April 28th.

Filthy Casuals are 13 of 13 ending their killing spree on May 10th.

DoA last defeated Heroic Tyrant, putting them at 12 of 13 on May 22nd.

Witty & Sophisticated ended their journey by taking out Archimonde on July 10th making them 12 of 13 as they prepare for Legion.

Cereal Killers decided that they liked the coziness of Zakuun’s lair, choosing to hang out there until Legion, leaving them at 8 of 13.

Ooka Hozen Style seemed to like that idea as well, ending their progression with Zakuun, skipping Iskar, which I don’t blame them for, and ending at 7 of 13



FERT, who is anything but normal, is now 13 of 13, having taken down Archimonde on July 28th.

Ready Check preferred the lighting in the Council’s room, ending their time there for a 4 of 13 finish.


Special Mention



We have a number of teams recruiting for current raid content as well. You can find out more in the AIE raid team progression forum thread.
As we get ready for Legion, these teams might just be looking for you.


Wrap-up Wrap-up

And that wraps up the AIE Raid Wrap-up.

If you’d like your raid team featured on the AIE raid wrap-up, including any non-WoW games, send those details to me, Mewkow.

Also, HUGE thanks to Aarde for coordinating the Raid Team Schedules and Progression forum post, and making it far easier to put this all together.


Keep raiding, AIE.



Curious about the background track?

The song is the title song from the Nameless: Hacker RPG by Boxcat games. It is Creative Commons licensed.