Welcome our new Praetorian, Syrene!

It is with great pleasure that I announce and congratulate our latest Praetorian – none other than Syreyne!cheeringXCenturionsSmall
Sy is a huge asset to the guild, and beside being a renowned Raid Leader in her own right, has been very active organizing and running regular guild events like the Craft Faire and the Summer of Love.
At this twilight stage of an expansion, it is not unusual for members and officers alike to take it easy and coast along till the next expansion. Not Sy!  Her energy and enthusiasm for ensuring the guild stays on track makes her perfect for the Praetorian role.
For those that aren’t aware, a Praetorian is a Senior Officer rank- a step up from the Centurion rank. (who am I kidding, of course you all know and have read our Guild Charter! http://wiki.aie-guil…le=WOW:Charter)
So feel free to mail Sy a Left Shark as a celebratory gift!


AIE Council