The AIE Podcast #254 – Join AIE in EVE, don’t mind the background checks

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Alludra: Warcraft (the movie) is coming
Mkallah: Mandalore’s gets his Revenge
Tetsemi: STO updates abound
Alludra: Do not mess with AIE in land or space!
Mkallah: We have Crazy Uncle Lanc to talk to us about AIE in Eve
All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #254 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has ben podcast. This is Tetsemi: To my left is Alludra: – (Hey, AIE, I think you’re awesome. And right over there messing things up, we have Mkallah: (There are raspberry chocolate cakes in the guild kitchen ). This week we are joined by special guest Lanctharus who is here to talk to us about AIE in EVE Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be digging into EVE shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News


The Warcraft Movie is quickly approaching and there is plenty of talk on the forums organizing meetups, plus one already scheduled in Colorado and one in Tennessee on Head over to the forums or to Meetup to plan a viewing of Warcraft with local guildies.

Love AIE? Of course, who doesn’t? We are currently passing the hat around to help raise funds to offsets costs for chat servers, umami, forums, etc. You can help us by donating – there are links on the community website, and please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. Also, we are in the processes of nailing down details for the guild hall at Blizzcon, information should become available in the next few weeks.

And a reminder, the AIEGC is looking for writers for the webpage- see for submission guildlines.

Tons of activity in BDO- including another guild declaring war on us last week, and then retracted it after an hour of fighting! Guys, AIE is a force not to be messed with in land or space!

A reminder, Thuggs is still looking for folks to run invasions to get the garrison boss invasion tokens for the Event which is tentatively scheduled on June 4th at 8pm server.

Also, Legion Alpha has become Beta and Blizzard is sending out invite e-mails to join in, including folks that aren’t currently subscribed, so check your e-mail or the launcher and see if you’ve been invited.

If you didn’t get lucky on the initial invite wave, you can also check WoWHead out and try their contest for Beta Giveaway Codes –

And for those of us manning the guild kitchen, the official World of Warcraft cookbook will be released on October 18, 2016. Revitalize your raid group with Azeroth’s most scrumptious treats. Featuring recipes for Horde and Alliance favorites such as Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops and fresh loaves of Mulgore Spice Bread.

Are you playing GW2 and interested in an AIE Guild Hall in game? There has been some recent activity headed by Disturbed0Angel on the forums to revive the initiative. If you want to help out or know more, head over to the forums and check out the thread Guild Hall Initiative.

This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-142 talk about the producer live stream and the details of Chapter XIII story. They also touch on other game and community news for the week from SWTOR in general.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 142: Prod Stream and XIII Story

Chapter XIV, Mandalore’s Revenge, is out on June 3rd and the teaser trailer is up on

The newest chapter in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion gives the Outlander an opportunity to confront Emperor Arcann with an army of ruthless Mandalorian warriors. Enlist the help of the infamous bounty hunter Shae Vizla as you and your Alliance move to seize control of the most powerful armada in the galaxy – the Eternal Fleet. Prepare to brave the harsh desert world of Darvannis and survive its brutal enemy forces in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy from the Eternal Empire forever – and earn the loyalties of Shae Vizla and unyielding Mandalorian warriors!

Also a rugged new Subscriber Reward, the Eternal Empire Patroller vehicle will be awarded to subscribers.

This fall, Star Trek Online will be launching simultaneously on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Our goal is to deliver the same high quality Star Trek experience to players on these consoles, with some additional upgrades to make the transition to the console space a smooth and natural experience.

Also, Mac OS X support has been dropped, however, Gramerog has been able to get it working with Wine on the Mac, if you have questions or want to know what they did, check out the forum post

  1. RRF Captain Cybyl’s synopsis of the Star Trek Online News for week ending 05/15/2016:
    To celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, a new expansion was announced May 5th: ‘Agents of Yesterday’. ’Agents of Yesterday’ will allow players to create a new captain in Star Trek: The Original Series era and will set them on an adventure featuring classic story lines, locations, celebrities, and era-appropriate starships. In 2270, the year following the third TV season of the original series, the player will adventure with Walter Koenig, reprising his role of Chekov, and Chris Doohan, filling in for his late father as Scotty. There is a new threat to the security of the Federation, and they are invading with hopes of overwhelming the past to destroy our future. More details are available on the Star Trek Online website <>.
  2. But that’s not all: as added incentive, the ’Agents of Yesterday’ Beta will be open to Gold and Lifetime subscrption members on the Tribble Beta server. A Tutorial episode, ’The Taurean Affair’, where a science survey vessel has gone missing near the Murasaki-312 nebula. Starfleet Command believes it may have crash landed on Taurus II, the same planet that cost the lives of two Starfleet officers several years ago. As first officer of a Pioneer-class starship, you will be leading a landing party to the surface of the planet to discover the fate of the survivors. Additional Beta stories in the story arc will also be added until official launch, however, once ‘Agents of Yesterday’ is officially released, all these and more episodes will be available to all players.
  3. A a number of UI and player quality-of-life improvements and fixes, too numerous to mention, were released over the last two weeks as well. For a complete listing of these, please visit the Star Trek Online website <>.
  4. Lastly, a 20% of Services sale will be going on from May 12th thru May 16th in the C-Store. Now is the time to get more bank slots, Officer slots, retrain tokens, dry dock slots and lots, lots more. For a complete listing, see the Star Trek Online website <>.
  5. For status of the AIE Classis’ Fleet Starbase, all fleet mates are encouraged to check out the Fleet holdings tab in the Fleet’s in-game menu. Contributions of materiel and personnel are always welcomed to assist in building up the Fleet’s Starbase and other Fleet holdings to their full potential.
  6. Players are encouraged to check out news, patch release notes, forums, commentary, etc., at the Star Trek Online website <>.

AIE STO Contest
Grebot has given us a code for a free STO ship code for the NX Light Escort
Tweet to @AIEPodcast: tell us your favourite ship in any version of Star Trek and we will pick a winner at random.

So, we have been kinda busy in EVE.

Where should I begin?

I know! Let’s talk about back when AIEU was living in Fountain.

You see back in the day AIEU used to be part of TEST Alliance Please Ignore and all was good with the world.

We use to fight with this group called the CFC and they became the strongest group in the game and we were cool.

Until one day, the Fire Nation Attacked!

The CFC who has changed their name to The Imperium decided that we were no longer cool and kicked TEST from it’s home in Fountain.

We were kind of mad because Hoots had just started to run Planetary Interactions in our part of space.

So we went gypsy and wandered Faction Warfare and we decided to leave TEST and join this alliance called BRAVE.

And for a while things were cool. We were even able to find a new ancestral home land.

And then BRAVE blew up.

And we went gypsy once again and we decided to really check out a new alliance.

And we did, and this alliance used to be in the CFC and they were betrayed when the Fire nation… I mean the CFC kicked them out. Because they were independently minded and ask questions.

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Lanc for joining us.

If you have a question or comment about our show, you can email us at You can also follow us on Twitter. The show is at @aiepodcast.. Alludra is at @alludra_aie, Mkallah is at @cyberwaif,and Tetsemi is at @ivorytiger. We record live with video every other Sunday at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. You can join the chatroom and play along with us on our website at Our theme was composed by the amazing Andrew Allen, follow him at @keyswithsoul! or visit his website!

And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…

Overly Dramatic News – @HuntsTheWind

Next time, we’ll be talking to someone about something! So until then, AIE…

-this is Alludra
– This is Mkallah
– This is Tetsemi
And this has been… The AIE Podcast