EVE Online Citadel expansion and new features videos released at Fanfest

CCP Games released the latest expansion cinematic trailer during the EVE Fanfest keynote presentation featuring the new ability for players to build “castles in space” called Citadels.  These citadels can be built anywhere in space and will be completely player built and controlled.  In addition a new capital size “Force Auxiliary” ships will be made available for large ship field support.  The most important feature of the new citadel structures is that they will be 100% destructible, forcing players to defend their castles from enemy attack.

The new structures will also be able to defend themselves from both sub capital and capital ship attacks and will allow players to fully customize the available services which they offer their friends and allies.

In addition new industrial array structures have been announced to help aspiring industrialist build upon their financial empire.

We will keep you up to date in regards to the latest EVE Online news coming out of Fanfest.