The AIE Podcast #251 – Gharj: A Legend in His Own Mind

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Alludra: Make plans to see the World of Warcraft movie with your Guildmates
    Tetsemi: A wild Ralff is here with a report on BDO
    Mkallah: The Final Fantasy Fourteen is looking for Raiders
    Alludra: We have RRF Captain Cybyl’s STO report
    Tetsemi: And Max and Sema are here to talk to us about Star Wars: The Old Republic

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #251 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has been podcast. This is Mkallah: To my left is Alludra: – (Hey, AIE, I think you’re awesome). And right over there cleaning up the mess, we have Tetsemi: (I decided that a Galaxy Far, Far away needed Spreadsheets ). This week we are joined by special guests Max and Sema who are here to talk to us about AIE in SWTOR Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be digging into SWTOR shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…
AIE News

It’s never too early to plan a meetup and Mkallah has started a thread in the Community section discussing Meetups for the Warcraft Movie. I know the Phoenix contingent will be getting together for this (something about reserved seats, etc etc) and may tie in a dinner before or after depending on the schedule.

Also, speaking of stuff outside of games, join us in Rocket Chat for that Greenwall experience outside of games. Use your Umami log on and password to log in. There is a Windows, iOS, and Android app, so you can get to it where you want it.

Imperium Ludi
Black Desert Online (BDO) has launched and Lord Senile has posted a thread about the Guild Info. Right now the guild has a very low starting cap on members and the folks that are in are working hard to raise that member cap, so please bear with us while they work on it. In the meantime, if you are playing, please add Dethode to your friends list.
It’s a beautiful fantasy-based MMO with a big learning curve — feels like an old school MMO. Has been up in Korea for 2-3 years.
Action-based combat
Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, Valkyrie
Sorceress, Wizard, Witch
Coming: Blader, Plum
Some fun features:
Auto run/path to objective, NPC searcher
Quests to make your way in the world—killing mobs to level (mostly)
Fishing is the early money maker
Lots to the game:
Knowledge? Seems like gossip.
You have many alts, and many workers and a network of “nodes”
Dethode’s workers are everywhere. already has some guides

The blizzard pet battle team has decided that epic pet battle stones are not to be a thing! Great news for pet battlers as we will not have to farm up 700+ stones! Yay!

The latest 6.2.3 hotfixes are out and they are all about pvp changes, with ability rebalances and some minor asharan bug fixes.

Neopheonix is looking for raiders for Alexander, the newest final fantasy raid, on tuesdays from 6-8 pst. If you are interested, let him know on the forums, in game, or just drop in! They are going to be in mumble and the invite is wide open.

Jasmine wanted everyone to know how up to date our housing decor is! Anais is really on the ball when it comes to keeping things up with the current events/seasons. We just got a really neat music player in the house that lets us set what music folks hear when they’re inside.

We’ll discuss SWTOR more in the Game News section, but we did want to highlight that Tetsemi and a few others have created spreadsheets to help you track your crew skills. At first glance, crew skills may not seem like a focus, but trust me, having some crafted gear while leveling as well as a sense of advancement helps round out your character. It’s something SWTOR does very well and helps enhance your play through the game.

Also Escape Pod Cast episode #132 is up on the feed. Max and Sema discuss all things 4.3 on the Public Test Server (PTS).

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 132: 4.3 on the PTS

RRF Captain Cybyl’s synopsis of the Star Trek Online News for week ending 03/06/2016:

1. Season 11.5 which will be released very soon, shall not only include the new skill tree, but also a Romulan Admiralty Campaign. Yes, Romulan players will get equal Admiralty love along with their Federation and Klingon allies. Among the rewards this new campaign brings are fabulous tech upgrades and an epic-quality Romulan Admiralty ship.

2. Starting Thursday, March 3th until, Monday, March 7th, all Duty Officer packs will be available for purchase in the C-Store for 20% off. This is a perfect chance to fill your roster and replace those expendable redshirts. But thats not all:

3. Starting Thursday, March 3th until, Thursday, March 24th, all Delta Alliance Duty Officer packs purchased from the C-Store will be put into your inventory as usual, but here’s the deal:

3a. Upon opening the pack, it shall contain 10 Lobi crystals or a Tier 6 Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnaught, in addition to the Duty Officers! This is one fine ship! Other bonus items available are also available. See the Star Trek Online website for details.

4. The ‘Into the Breach’ Event queue has been updated and reintroduced in the PvE event queues. This pits you and your fleet mates against a hostile Voth City Ship for reputation marks.

4a. Now here’s THIS deal: starting Thursday, March 3rd until, Thursday, March 24th, Captains between levels 50 – 60 can queue up for the 5-Captain ‘Into the Breach’ Event to defeat the evil Voth City Ship and earn one Voth Operative Transmission every 20 hours. Collecting 14 VOTs will be rewarded 50,000 dilithium ore, 500 fleet marks, 250 reputation marks of your choice and a T6 Voth Admiralty Ship Card. See the Star Trek Online website for details for even more exciting bonuses for this event.

5. The Galactic Development Campaign has ended by players completing all 3 tiers.. Until Thursday, March 10th, all players shall be getting 150% bonuses for ALL types of skill sets.

6. For status of the AIE Classis Fleet Starbase, fleet mates are encouraged to check in on the fleet holdings tab in the in-game menu. Contributions of materiel and personnel are always requested to assist in building up the base to it’s full potential.

7. Further news, patch release notes, forums, commentary, etc. are always available at . Players are encouraged to check in regularly.

And thanks to RRF Captain Cybyl for the STO updates!

And with that, let’s get back to Max and Sema and find out what’s going on in SWTOR …

State of the Game
Story saga so far:
Forged Alliances -> Shadow of Revan Story Complete ->
Ziost -> Knights of the Fallen Empire
Chapter Content – game changer
Chapter 11-16
Description of chapter release cycle, how that works, etc.
Eternal Championship
(downside… subscription but one-shot works, no new ops so far)
New Warzone(s)
PTS – king of the hill
Cartel Market
Toys, pets, decorations (strongholds), outfits (outfit manager)

State of the Guild
Guild events
Weekly goals, bonuses, one time vs. repeatable
Personal target, guild target, rewards
Tuesday – MFN
Weekend – GSF
Ops teams
Monday – SOL – republic team
Wednesday – SUP – imp team
Thursday – LOL – imp team
Friday – new Imp team… 8pm central

How to join – Jedi Covenant, /cjoin aielfo, cheap server transfers (90 coins)
More guild news feeds – forums, twitter (#AIEGuild #SWTOR), streaming, podcast, etc.

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Max and Sema for joining us.


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Tetsemi: Both @Mewkow and @HuntsTheWind were away on assignment so no new member segments this week. But remember, we LOVE new member segments.

In two weeks we’ll be talking to Someone about something! we can guarantee it’s AIE related tho. So until then, AIE…

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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.

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