AIE raid Wrap-up February 2016

Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, bringing you the AIE raid wrap-up for February 2016.


WoW raids



Did you know that we have a raid team on Mythic progression? Just Blame The Healers completed their Heroic progression on December 1st 2015, bringing down Archimonde. They are now 2 bosses into Mythic HellFire Citadel as of  Jan 30th with their Iron Reaver kill.



Kiddie Aggro has also finished their Heroic progression on January 19th 2016 with their downing of Archimonde.

Better Late Than Never  defeated Archimonde on Jan 28th 2016, making them third in the AIE progression race, and this keeps them true to the name.

Who Pulled That killed Tyrant, making them 11 of 13 on Feb 3rd 2016

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades killed  both Socrethar and Tyrant  on Jan 18thr, making them 9 of 13.

Cereal Killers has recently downed Iskar and the Fel Lord Zakuun making them 8 of 13 as of January 8th.

Witty & Sophisticated downed H Iskar making them 8 0f 13 as of Jan 24th.

Filthy Casuals are now 7 of 13 having bested Iskar on January 6th.

DoA killed Heroic Gorefiend on Feb 6th, putting them at 6 of 13.




FERT, AKA Flex Encounter Raid Team is 11 of 13 in normal and is currently working on Mannoroth as of this recording.

Ooka Hozen Style has hozed Tyrant as of Feb 4th bringing them to 10 of 13.

Ready Check is 4 of 13 as of this recording, having recently resumed raiding.


Special Mention


The Old School Raid Team has recently finished their Mist of Pandaria raid achievement challenge, and moved on to be not so old school by taking on and completing the Highmaul list. They are now working on Blackrock Foundry.




Speaking of the Old School raid team, they are recruiting. If you too want to focus on the challenge of raid achievements, inquire to Sokotep or post in the forums for details.

Ooka Hozen Style is recruiting for current raid content.

Joining them in recruiting is Witty & Sophisticated and Horseshoes & Handgrenades.

We also have some brand new teams recruiting. Double Gold and Bonus Rolls For the Win are actively recruiting in the forums.


Wrap-up Wrap-up

And that wraps up the AIE raid wrap-up.

If you’d like your raid team featured on the AIE raid wrap-up, including any non-WoW games, send those details to me, Mewkow.

Also, HUGE thanks to Aarde for coordinating the Raid Team Schedules and Progression forum post, and making it far easier to put this all together.

Keep raiding, AIE.



Curious about the background track?

The song is the title song from the Nameless: Hacker RPG by Boxcat games. It is Creative Commons licensed.