The AIE Podcast #247 – Anniversary Words Are Hard

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

      Tetsemi: We’re not pod fading!


      Mkallah: The AIE community has been very busy!


      Tetsemi: We have New officers!


      Mkallah: Many Bothans died to give you this anniversary


    Tetsemi: We have Syreyne and Ellynn here to talk about AIE’s upcoming anniversary in WOW

All that and more coming up right now…

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Mkallah- Welcome to episode # 247 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community. This is Mkallah and right over there, we have Tetsemi. (Must get all the oil rigs!) Alludra is off hybernating in all this cold and wet weather we have been having. This week we are joined by special guests Syreyne and Ellynn who are here to talk to us about AIE Guild Anniversary in World of Warcraft. Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be talking to Sy and Ellynn shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News
Rocket Chat – It’s a thing! Use your Umami name (all lower case) and password and help us test the outside the game chat. More information here –

Community Games
Also upcoming game Blade & Soul (North American release) is garnering some discussion on the forums as well –
Join Lotwook for the Conncon in Connecticut for the weekend of March 18-20th! There is a strong focus on RPG, Board Games, and miniatures and if enough folks are interested, he will organize a meetup. If you are interested, please let Lotwook know on the forums and more information can be found at

Diablo III just released Season 5. You can earn your 6 piece class armor set instead of getting lucky while farming for it and then you can take on the Armor Set dungeon challenges. Can you drop a meteor on every single mob in the dungeon before you kill it? You know you can! Great write up/video at DiabloFans – and

We have several active clans and an Alea Iacta Est community.

Check out the Nomad thread in the forums about their lastest roam into Diablo III –

Welcome to the newest AIE Officers in World of Warcraft – Allanya (@BenTheMage), Ellynn (@Ellynn_), Nazrai (@NazAIElock) and CelticGoddess (@Celticgodess09). Congratulations to the new officers, welcome to the machine!

Legion Alpha is back and they had their first raid boss test on Friday. For those lucky enough to have an invite, let us know how it’s going, but don’t spoil the story/lore please.

Also our AIE Anniversary is coming up and we’ll be digging into that shortly after the rest of the game news.

The folks in Eve are busy doing interviews for all the candidates for the Council of Stellar Management which is an elected body of players to help drive the direction of Eve among other [redacted] things. Keep up to date with all the AIE shenanigans in EVE as well as Eve news in the Cap Stable podcast –

Welcome to the newest officer in Final Fantasy XIV – Sashi! May all your Chocobo’s be awesome.

Speaking of anniversaries, many Bothan spies died to bring you rumors of an anniversary celebration to be announced soon. Please keep an eye out on the forums, as we’re running out of Bothan’s.

Episode 125 of the Escape Pod Cast is out and they discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other game news –

And don’t forget the Tuesday Night Mandatory Fun Nights – Keep up to date with which side is running and what they’ll be doing.

Development Campaign runs Jan 14th – 28th –

Star Trek Online is calling for all Captains to take part in a post-war recovery event running from January 14th at 9AM PST, until January 28th at 9AM PST. All Captains who log in during this timeframe will be able to contribute to global efforts to rebuild the quadrant in the aftermath of our war against the Iconians. The level of contributions made by all Captains will be matched by special reward events that will unlock for everyone the following week.

For the first week, running from January 14th at 9AM PST, until January 21st at 9AM PST, Captains can aid the recovery efforts by completing fleet projects and earning Fleet Credits. Based on the contributions made by all Captains during this week, a Bonus Reputation Mark Week will be unlocked for the following week, with a bonus of 25%, 50% or 75%.

And with that, let’s get back Syreyne and our new sucker…. we mean officer Ellynn and find out what’s going on in World of Warcraft with AIE.

Ellynn: We’re here to talk about of WoW guild’s anniversary coming up on February 13th and all the fun things we have planned to help us celebrate. We are planning events from Friday Feb 12th to Sunday Feb 14th, so even if you have plans with your hunny for Valentine’s Day, you can still join us for some of the events.

Syreyne: We have a schedule of events posted in the main forum thread with links to each event’s post where they have all the information of that event posted. We have something for everyone at all different times, so we hope to see as many guild members participating as possible.

Ellynn: On Friday we have a Meet and Greet hosted by Allanya and Nevermore in the Filthy Animal in Dalaran from 7pm to 8pm. Come share stories, ask questions, laugh, and have a good time! Make sure you have Mumble set up so you don’t miss out on the fun!

And the BRA raid team is doing an old school raid night for pets and fun times! (We will be running Karazan and Black Temple (in celebration to Legion coming soon!). This is a tabard only event! The only weapons and gear allowed is what you find in the raid, nothing but a tabard allowed to enter. We will start with Kara and move to Black Temple from there. Make sure you have plenty of bag space and mumble will be required. You can whisper me that evening (I will be advertising in the appropriate channels) and we will have a blast! Lots of fun to be had and pets to boot!

Syreyne: On Saturday, we have a super special event planned. We are joining up with the guildies from Convert to Raid. You may have heard their podcast. AIE is going to create alliance gnomes on Aerie Peak and with the help of CtR, we are making a run at Vol’jin. Of course, the gnomes with die. But Running of the Beef has always been fun! (Expand with hosts on this. CtR will be talking about it on their podcast as well, according to my contact there.)

Nevermore and Allayna are hosting one of their Trivia events too. This one is about Star Wars, the original trilogy. It’s going to start at 4pm in Undercity. If you haven’t tried it yet, its really fun using raid markers for Trivial Pursuit tokens.

Ellynn: And to end the night, on this our anniversary night, we shall COOP!!!!! Grimcow is taking us on a bear run, so if you don’t have the mount yet, be early!!! Its first come for the bear raid group. Of course, if you already have it, we can always use support teams!!! We are going to love the Alliance to death!!! Meet up at the Goblin Death Blimp at 8pm!

On Sunday, Nevermore and Allanya are hosting a Battle Pet Picnic where they will be helping people learn to pet battle, trade rare pets, and other fun things. No tournament this time, but it’ll still be lots of fun. Its going to be at Karnum’s Glade in Desolace at 6pm.

Syreyne: We also have a few other events in the works. There’s talk about having a transmog contest and a Where’s Waldo of WoW game. Make sure to keep an eye on the forums for updates on current events or information on when new events get added.

To cap off the weekend, we are having a raffle. This one is completely free! The way to get tickets is to attend events. For each event you attend, you receive one ticket in the drawing for mounts, pets, Rep medallions, XP potions, and more. You don’t need to be present at the raffle to win.

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Sy and Ellynn for joining us.


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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…

Altitis from @Mewkow
Overly Dramatic News from @HuntsTheWind

In two weeks we’ll be talking to Abovan about FFXIV. So until then, AIE…
– This is Mkallah
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And this has been… The AIE Podcast.

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