FF14 Live Letter 2016/01/29

The FF14 producers dropped some tasty tidbits about the coming 3.2 patch.

A few of the more interesting  details are below.


VIT will now give battle potency, and STR will give a reduced amount.
– They basically want tank health to look like tank health (high HPs) and still be able to add some DPS.

New beast tribe dailies. The Gnath tribe will be available to quest for

– They have a very interesting looking mount, looks like a weird mix between a dragon fly and a stone robot.


The Inspector will return!

We will finally get some information on a missing main character.

Dungeons & Raids:
****Dungeon Queues are no longer solo only!***
New primal, not part of the Main Story though.
New solo dummy trial to see if you can kill it before a timer runs out.
New raid wing in Alexander called Midas.


New battleground called The Feast.
– Kill enemies to gather their coins/badges. Either have the most when time is done, or gather a set number first.
– Will use seasons to track ranking.


New jukebox for housing. You can earn new songs (Much like the WoW version)
A new Mentor system
– Must be earned. For battle players: Get to level 60 in healing tank AND dps. For crafting: Get to level 60 in one of the crafting For gathering: 60 in one.
– Mentors have a special dungeon queue to help newbies.
– Mentors can invite newbies to a special chat channel (to avoid RMT spammers)
Materia – No more overmelding main stat materia.
Retainers can now buy junk directly, no more running to a vendor.


Full details here.