AIE Blizzcon 2015 Guild Hall Wrapup

As everyone arrives home after the grand adventure that is Blizzcon, we have time to ponder and reflect on our time there.

First, we must thank those that helped to make the Guild Hall another successful destination. These people made our guild hall a home for the convention, and I believe it just wouldn’t be the same without it. There were so many that helped, but in particular:

  1. Belthaz – Far too generous, and always a staple of the guild hall.
  2. Lanc – Our resident cheerleader and moneyhandler.
  3. Banashaa, Arabella, Kate, Dejara, MichealĀ – Made the guild hall feel like home with decorating.
  4. Nevermore – Social media wrangler, among other talents.
  5. Mewkow – Something or other about herding cats.

We had all sorts of great visitors and guildies alike, including our friends in CTR guild. It was great to see everyone there, and we hope to see you again.

The podcasting tradition was in full effect this year with Daily Tech New Show, Azeroth Round Table, The Instance, Tauren Think Tank, Angry Chicken, Realm Maintenance, The Morning Stream(PM!), and more taking place live with our guild hall audience.

Those that didn’t make it were still in our thoughts while we were there, and we hope you can make it in the future. For those that were able to attend, we hope you had fun, always welcome any comments and suggestions, and look forward to doing it again at future Blizzcons, or whatever other events we might be gathering at.