The AIE Podcast #232 – Fozzie the Sov: Wakka Wakka

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Tetsemi: We have a new Guildie of the Month!
    Alludra: Children’s Week is easier with friends!
    Tetsemi: May the Fourth is with the Amazing Race!
    Alludra: Heavensward benchmark is now available
    Tetsemi: Hoots is here to give us all of the exciting news about AIE in EVE!

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode # 232 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community, the die has ben podcast. This is Tetsemi- and I love raid math!: To my left is Alludra – (Hey, AIE, I think you’re awesome). Mkallah is off today, either making a mess in the guild kitchen or getting a new tattoo. . This week we are joined by our special guest Hoots who is here to talk to us about AIE in EVE – Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be digging into EVE shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…

AIE News

Alludra – General-
We have a new Guildie of the Month! North Issier- AKA Razzy and Crokaa is a a beacon of what AIE/AIEU represent and stands for. From helping new members get settled and helping others when any questions they may have.North really shown himself to be a standup member of the community, has taken to exploration in EVE, and always jumps to help others out when they need it. Congrats, North, on being our guildie of the month.

If you want to nominate someone for guildie of the month, send an email to with the name of the person you are nominating in the subject line. Nominations for June’s GotM will be accepted until May 12th, 2015. This is a community wide program. Nominations will be accepted for members from any game division.

Tetsemi – WOW-
Last weekend was the Spring Craft faire- and by all accounts, over 60 guild members benefitted from the organizing, gathering, hair pulling, and general chaos that is AIE taking over Silvermoon City! Not to mention the COOP afterwards on Saturday, and the wrap up party/raffle give away that is happening right now at Gallywix’s place. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, the Craft Faire is a perfect example of what makes AIE great!

OH, and this just in- Tynchal, AIE’s self declared oldest member, has set up Geillis’ Daily BBQ and Beer Company. (How’s that for RP?) As a new member of AIE, (or any other AIE member for that matter), all you need to do is post a reply on the forums or drop Geillis a reservation request in the mail, and, she will arrange to come and get you wherever you are in Azeroth. She will portal you to Halfhill where she will hand you the ingredients you will need to begin Cooking without even making one single slice of Spiced Bread. Blah! Stuff tastes terrible anyhow! In no time at all, you will reach Cooking Level 525; and if you are at least Level 85, then we can get you to Cooking Level 600 and the title of Master Of The Ways! Oh, I almost forgot the beer part. . .you also get a six pack of Darkbrew Lager to go. Such a deal!

Also, in WOW- It is Children’s Week, which can be frustrating to PVPer and Non PVPers alike! with this in mind, AIE members are hard at work helping fellow guildies get one step closer to the “Long, strange trip achievement (paste in email from Sarah here)

Alludra -Final Fantasy
Abovan wants to know, with Heavensward quickly approaching, what goals do you personally have before we all head to the snowy north?
Get involved in the conversation in game or on the forum!
Also, the Final Fantasy XIV team has announced that with the new expansion coming in June, the Heavensward benchmark, including the AU RA Character Creation, is now available.

Tetsemi – SWTOR-
Just in time for May the fourth, the amazing race is coming! There will be a special event on May the Fourth to determine contestants and then start the race on Tuesday the Fifth at 9 p.m. server time, running for five weeks total. The focus will be on level 60 Republic non AIE guildies this time around. Pellel is looking for volunteers the nights of the race in the form of AIE guildies. Since this event will involve a lot of travel, level 60 toons are suggested. Keep an eye in game, on the forums, or as Pellel if you have any questions.

Changes with Patch 3.2

A Level Cap of 60, which is included with the purchase of the latest story expansion, Shadow of Revan, is required to access the new storyline and the planet of Ziost in Game Update 3.2. Lead the battle against Revan, one of the galaxy’s most powerful characters and experience five new levels of story-driven Star Wars™ adventure.

Obsessed with achieving immortality, the Sith Emperor has targeted his own former subjects on the planet Ziost, with every death seemingly extending his dark power. Speaking through those he’s possessed, he controls powerful pawns like Master Surro, the leader of a team of elite militarized Jedi known as the Sixth Line.

As the Sith Emperor gradually dominates the free will of everyone on Ziost, both Lana Beniko, Minister of the newly formed Sith Intelligence, and Theron Shan, a spy for the Galactic Republic, are trying to stop the chaos. Your leadership in guiding them through the conflict on Ziost is critical to uncovering the former Sith Emperor’s terrifying plan.

Known as the “Gateway to the Empire,” the planet Ziost is in a state of chaos as innocent civilians are targeted by possessed pawns of the Sith Emperor. From the menacing “People’s Tower” in the city’s center to massive armored walkers patrolling for fresh targets, the Sith Emperor’s presence is overwhelming, his power growing with every death… Only you have the strength to stand against him.

SWTOR Escape Podcast- This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-88 talk about the impending release of the planet Ziost, including lore, missions, achievements and rewards. We also cover game news for the week from SWTOR in general and from our guild, Alea Iacta Est.

And with that, let’s get back to Hoots and find out what’s going on in EVE Online…


The Scope Videos and EVE Lore

The Scope Video Preview

The Scope: Drifters Jam Broadcast

The Scope: Drifters Everywhere

Two Factor Authentication–BYixE7V1arbcyTae3aTAbAPw

Game of Sov Updates — Since I was Last On

    The CFC, headed by Goonswarm, rebranded themselves as The Imperium
    And they decided to branch out into other games. Word on the street is that the leadership of the Imperium is getting paid or is just generally cozy with the PR and marketing arms of the games they expand into.
    The Imperium is evacuating to the very north and leaving behind Fountain and Cloud Ring.
    As the Imperium consolidates, as their last pre-Fozziesov hurrah, murdered everyone in Delve, Period Basis, and Querious.
    N3 is disorganized, NC. is invading Providence, and Pandemic Legion founding a newbie corporation called Pandemic Horde where they allegedly haze newbies.
    The end of renting (NC. reset their renters, the Imperium is getting rid of their renter alliance)
    Well, except for the Russians. The Russians are still being Russian, who knows what they are doing.

Homeward Bound
Fountain, our ancestral homeland. We’re home.

Question of the Week:

Answers to last weeks question – What is your favourite conspiracy theory?

Ben Bumhoffer @AltheMage
@cyberwaif @AIEPodcast @AIE_WoW @AIEGuild mine is that Magneto was behind the JFK assassination. He was trying to stop it!

John Long @Arveshet
@cyberwaif @AIEPodcast @AIE_WoW @AIEGuild Officer shaming Is it real? just an urban legend? or the real reason for the Illuminati…hmmm.

Wednesday @MrWednesdayAiE
@cyberwaif @AIEPodcast @AIE_WoW @AIEGuild That epics in crates exist.

Mkallah Cyberwaif @cyberwaif
@AIEPodcast – answer to the ? of the week- fav conspiracy theory- that we faked the moon landing! Really, people?

New Question of the Week: What is your favorite real life, movie, or video game space craft?


Alludra: And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank Hoots for joining us.


Stay Tuned, there will be an announcement on March 7th during the o7 show run by CCP.

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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…

Ask Miss Mulgra
Overly Dramatic news

Next week we’ll be talking taking off for Mother’s Day, but in two weeks we’ll have a new show. So until then, AIE…
– This is Alludra
– This is Tetsemi

And this has been… The AIE Podcast.