Kav: Guildie of the Month

SamuraiGreetings AIE! Jehdai here with an announcement for our guild member recognition program. AIE would like to congratulate our Guildie of the Month for April: Kav! He is the one of the former Game Directors from AIE Wildstar, and he is the person who made our new webpage. Kav took the initiative to give our website a much needed face lift. He has spent the last couple months living in the world of this website. This is normally where I would do my question and answers, but I wanted to completely surprise Kav, so everyone will have to settle for  his twitter avatar.

AIE’s Guildie of the Month program is our way to acknowledge outstanding members in our community. If you know someone that deserves to be recognized, please send an email to us at gotm@aie-guild.org with the name of the person you are nominating in the subject line. Nominations for May’s GotM will be accepted until April 12th, 2015. This is a community wide program. Nominations will be accepted for members from any game division.