The AIE Podcast #226 – EVE: 10,000 Noobs to the Rescue

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

    Mkallah: Nomads roam into Minecraft
    Tetsemi: Baseball, I mean WoW Patch 6.1 is dropping Tuesday
    Mkallah: Real life meetups
    Tetsemi: Expansions to spend your tax return on
    Mkallah: Hoots and Turboaddiction are here to talk to us about AIE in EVE

All that and more coming up right now…

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Welcome to episode #226 of the the podcast celebrating the Alea Iacta Est gaming community. This is Tetsemi and there are 2 outs, bottom of the 9th…oh wait wrong podcast). With me, as always, is Mkallah (There is home-made crackerjacks in the guild kitchen). And we are split squad this week, so sadly, Alludra will not be joining us. This week we are joined by special guests (Hoots and Turbo) who are here to talk to us about AIE in EVE Welcome!

Ok, we’ll be digging into EVE shortly, but first, let’s cover this week’s news…


Please watch for some downtime on the AIE Website this weekend as we prepare to unveil the new look on Saturday, Februrary 28th. Each game in AIE will have their own landing page, with more information specifc to that game and AIE activities in it.

The Mistress of RP in WOW herself, Ironclawed (also known as Irontribe for her many, many alt) is our new Guildie of the Month. Iron is a steadfast cheerleader of AIE and the Noob Raid, and is always encouraging RP in both the forums and Thursday RP nights in game. If you want to nominate a member of AIE in any game, email

Community –

Shimmeredge, one of our great guildies who calls Australia home, will be in the US and visiting AIE members in late February through mid Mid March. And, because we are always looking for an excuse to hold a meetup, the Phoenix crew has a meetup planned on Wednesday the 4th at 6:30 at Chino Banditos. Come join us for Jade Red chicken and snickerdoodles and give Shimmer a big hug! More information on the forums and

WoW –

Patch 6.1 is dropping on Tuesday.

Discussion on the forums –

New Legendary Follower, New Races at the Darkmoon Faire, New Character Models: Blood Elf, Twitter Integration, New Heirloom Collections Tab, Garrisons (UI Tweaks, Platinum Invasions Rewards, and NPC Daily quests which are different between garrisons, so visit your friend’s garrison to see more quests), Followers, and Outposts, Cosmetic Transformations and Toy Effects, better Flight Paths and improved Color Blind Support.

Accounts with an inactive subscription are now able to log in with the same restrictions that Starter Edition accounts have with the additional perk of being able to join guilds that characters on the account already are a member of.

In Patch 6.1, you’ll be able to trade up to ilvl 670 Ethereal Waist, Head, Wrist, Legs, Hands, Back, and Finger (ring) items using Apexis Crystals.

There are already lots of ways to get Apexis Crystals, and with the patch we’re introducing even more in the form of new Missions and purchasable Scouting Missives, which will be available for 200 Garrison Resources each. These Missives can be purchased in your Garrison and will unlock an additional Apexis Crystal daily quest.

You can read the complete Patch 6.1 notes here –

For more information on gathering and spending Apexis Crystals, check out Wowhead’s handy guide.

Sparrow is doing research (Why I PvP) –


Just a headsup, Emperor Pelpatine should be returning to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

Escape Pod Cast 78 is out –
This week @AIESema, @MaxTheGrey and Astromech EPC-78 talk about in-game events. They give some of the history of events that have come and gone, a review of the current events, and discuss preparation and rewards.They also cover their favorites and the things they would change or do more of in the future. All this and news for the week from SWTOR in general and AIE in SWTOR.

SWTOR Escape Pod Cast 78 – All About In-Game Events!

Stay up to date with the forum discussion –


Our very own Alludra returned to LOTRO and she started a very good discussion on what a returning character can do, has access to, etc. Join in on the forums –


First time buyers pack –
Any Captain knows that when a deal comes your way, it’s best to act on it. STO is pleased to announce that Ferengi Merchants are adding an extra incentive for any user. For any Captain, their first purchase of ZEN for Star Trek Online through the Arc Games web page or the Arc Client allows them to claim one new First Time Buyer Pack in the Promotions section of the C-store. Currently, there is a 15% Bonus to ZEN. so Captains should definitely take advantage of this opportunity!


Heavensward Standard Edition available for pre-order – there is no release date yet- but Square Enix has an approximate date of Spring 2015. Here is what to expect with the X-Pac
Increased level cap from 50 to 60
Dark Knight: Tank – Wields a two-handed greatsword and the power of darkness to deal damage to their foes
Astrologian: Healer – Tap the power of the stars to cast potent healing magicks, while drawing energies from constellation-based divining cards to support your party
Machinist: DPS – Deal damage from afar using a combination of firearms enhanced with various attachments, and mechanical turrets deployed on the battlefield
Included in this expansion pack is a new race called The Au Ra, a new City-State ? Ishgard, new Primals Bismarck and Ravana, and Flying Mounts


Nomads are roaming in Minecraft, there is a Tekkit server up as was tweeted out today

AIE Nomads @AIENomads
Roam starting now: Minecraft Tekkit : #aienomads #aieguild

And with that, let’s get back to Hoots and Turbo and find out what’s going on in EVE .


Tuesday Night Ratting Bait Fleet
Turboaddiction, Argus Quillington, Killswitch, and Mardok
Wednesday Night Procurement Operations
Erick Nolen, Kuda Timberline.
GJ0-OJ is where AIEU staging takes place. BRAVE and alliance staging is a few jumps away in GE-8JV
Corporate Restructure Announcement Soon™

In Retrospect: This is EVE (11/21/2014)
If you haven’t seen the This is EVE trailer, go here (Uncensored, some explicit language).
There was a giant influx of new players after this trailer, that both the player base and CCP were totally ill-prepared for. Which leads to the next announcement:
Opportunities are now in testing on the test server, Singularity.This is EVE’s upcoming tutorial system
Less text, more focused, gets new players into the game right away
Kind of like an achievement system, showcases what you can do in the sandbox.
EVE Flight Academy

Eve Offline Eve user data

Rhea Release (December 9th)
Thera, Shattered Wormholes
Bowhead, Confessor
Physically Based Rendering (EVE looks better with PBR)

UI and icon overhaul
Skill clones — gone.

Proteus Release (1/13/2015)
Graphical updates to a few ships and to asteroid fields (particle effects)
Ship Rebalancing — Combat Recons

Tiamat Release (2/17/2015)
The death of awoxing (the Concord intervention switch)


Caroline’s Star and The Scope YouTube videos

The star was named after the player who posted about it first noticing it.
The EVE skybox is representative of all the systems in EVE.

Your special guests over at the Hydrostatic Podcast Lore Panel

A carrier, called a Thanatos, died in one hit

Space Congress Elections are Underway in Two Days. Vote!
76 Candidates Enter — 14 Leave Victorious
CCP Leeloo put together a document of who is who.
Cap Stable podcast interviewed many of them.
Two minute summary: What is the Council of Stellar Management.

To join:

Question of the Week:

Last week we asked “What brought you to AIE”. Here are the great guildie answers we received during the week:
Some of the answers to last weeks question:

Matthew Certa @beefmaster
@AIEPodcast awareness came from the Johnson. The idea of hundreds of nice people in a drama less guild brought me and @Beefywife home

Saisri / Kelly @SaisriTheHealer
@AIEPodcast Good friends brought me here. The additional friends and family are an added bonus to end all bonuses <3 #AIEGuild

BrewDawg @BruDog
@AIEPodcast the AIE Podcast! Listening to @davidbryher @williedills & Warak talk about the guild, sounded like the gaming community for me!

GeorgeWilson3 @GeorgeWilson3
@AIEPodcast #AIEGuild Went to a panel at DragonCon and learned about AIE. Everyone was awesome so I knew that it was the place for me.

Sara-Shojobeat @ShojoAIE
@AIEPodcast Was an instance fan before AIE and our guild at the time got too dramatic during BC. So we moved to ER & found our new home 🙂

Brandon Matthews @thebmatt
@AIEPodcast instance fan, guild died, friends stopped playing, moved to AIEU during Sunwell patch.

Dave Fitzgerald @BuckeyeFitzy
@AIEPodcast losing too many PvP battles as an original alliance guild on Earthen Ring.

Kini @Dankinia
@AIEPodcast Thats easy. @cyberwaif got me hooked on Frogpants which led to me joining #AIEGuild

Craythur @Kraythur
@Dankinia @AIEPodcast @cyberwaif The Tadpool. 🙂

Jeannie @Asetisis
@AIEPodcast I was a listener of The Instance, Scott kept raving about the guild, I was at a crossroads with my own so decided to try it

bacon_way @bacon_way
@AIEPodcast Decided to go to #Nerdtacular based on @instanceshow. Joined #AIEGuild to meet people before I went. Now I won’t leave…

Johnny Feisty @JohnnyFeisty
@AIEPodcast probably some podcast about World of Warcraft or something.

Midneyet @midneyet
@AIEPodcast Podcasts and friends…you know, because all of @CtRGuild wasn't enough 😉

Mementh @Mementh
. @ShojoAIE @AIEPodcast about the same.. Prior guild just did not work out right. Wanted stable home

Jon Martin @Kojak_70
@AIEPodcast hearing Milliways eulogy on the Instance. Knew I wanted to be part of that community!

James Jefferies @AcuZod
@AIEPodcast I barely remember a time when I wasn't in AIE.

Airlina @AirlinaHunter
@AIEPodcast blame @MrsDeviantOne

Gallibond Boondoggle @Gallibond
@AIEPodcast #qotw response: I came to AIE through The Extra Life/Instance podcast influence. In WoW since 2005; oldest AIE toon is 2009ish.

My kids & grandkids lured me into WoW

New Question of the Week:

What is your favorite battle cry/phrase or raid wipe call / phrase? (Banana Hammock anyone?)

And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank the crew from EVE for joining us. Remind, there will not be a show next week as we are taking the week off due to real life events.


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And now it’s time to play all of the great AIE member segment we received this week, including…
Ask Miss Mulgra

We have an off week next week, but we will return on March 8th with SWTOR. So until then, AIE…

– This is Mkallah
– This is Tetsemi
And this has been… The AIE Podcast.

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Show title: EVE: 10,000 Noobs to the Rescue