The AIE Podcast #218 – Steam: Wish Lists, sales and Fun on a Low Budget Show

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    Alludra: Alludra attempts to solo a show
    Alludra: Like really, she’s almost talking to herself.
    Alludra: But don’t worry, she’s not crazy
    Alludra: Just alone
    Alludra: Well not alone, that’s not fair! Beefmaster is here to talk about steam!
    Zod: All that and more coming up right now…

All that and more coming up right now…

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A: We all know that The AIE Podcast is your favorite podcast ever, but do you listen to other podcasts? Lane on the forums wants to know! Head on over to find out what other people are listening to and throw out your suggestions of other great shows!

World of warcraft
Beefmaster: World of warcraft is kicking off the feast of winterveil on tuesday december 16th! That means decorations, gifts, and of course quests! Get in and join in on the fun until friday January 2nd!

Alludra: LFR Opened last tuesday to a somewhat underwhelming response. Turns out most heroics are harder then the first wing of LFR, which has left some people wondering what’s up with that? Personally I think that an LFR where inattentive people can’t mess it up for everyone is a great thing! We will see if the difficulty ramps up with the new wings opening.

Beef: The SWTOR expansion Shadow of Revan launched on December 9th! Remember this is a ton of new content, including 5 new levels, New storyline content, new worlds to explore and tons more fun that we have come to expect from the swtor group!

A: And while we are celebrating good things for SWTOR, December 10th marked the game’s 3 year anniversary! (Wow, has it really been that long?) Items have been discounted an you can get free decorations from now until January 12th, 2015! So don’t forget to log in and have some fun!

Final fantasy
B: Final fantasy has released the long awaited ‘marriage’ patch, which is suprisingly robust. While the game offers a free version of the wedding or bonding ceremonies, you can also pay real money to unlock new color options, wedding gifts for up to 80 guests, and more elaborate decorations. So if you want to go all out for your vertual wedding head on over to sign up and get the ball and chain rolling!

And with that, let’s get back to Beefmaster and find out what’s going on in Steam…


Greetings from the Summer of Steve sales! I mean the Steamy hottub of the Summer of Steve Winter sale!

Paypal Japan leaked that the sale will begin December 18th. 1pm EST!
Site was fairly bogged down for the first 30 minutes during the summer sale. but both the web and moblie apps should update and function.

Tips from Steve to sale correctly:
Historically there are sale items that are discounted “slightly” throughout the sale, daily sale items that are moderately discounted for 48 hours, flash sales that last 8 hours, and community “you must log in constantly and vote” sale items.

There are tricks to navigating the maze of sale options. Steve says “hold out for the flash sale items!” you have 48 hours to ponder the daily sales, and traditionally the final day of the sale you will see everything discounted from daily sales, re discounted.

Now to discuss the gimmick! Steam will offer the chance to earn a Winter sale badge. You will earn trading cards from voting in the community sales, buying games, etc. You typically need to match 10 specific cards to earn the badge. and the badge will gift you with emoji, profile backgrounds, and various ohhh and ahh items.

You can also trade duplicate cards with friends or buy them on the Steam Marketplace. Cards typically sell for .15-.25 cents after the initial rush. Pro tip from Steve. if you want to just buy them, add a balance NOW!. Steam will hold the funds for a few days before you can use them. IE dont wait till the end of the sale! Also use the AIE group trading forum post and your friends list

there will also be some sort of game to play. last summer you were given a team and were competing against the millions of steamers around the world for bonuses. so make sure to get involved the first day.

Pro tip #8 keep your wishlist up to date. Give others good info to give you good givings.
Other sites to keep tabs on, quite often they hold competing sales and sometimes even better deals come up. for the classics


And that’s our show for tonight. While the chatroom begins suggesting show titles, we want to thank (guest) for joining us.


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