The AIE Podcast #217 – SWTOR Mandatory Fun & Cheers to Acuzod

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • AIE’s rule refreshe
  • Guildies are thankful
  • Guildies in space are hiring!
  • Star Trek online gets festive
  • Max and Jonathan are here to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE General

You probably know that AIE was founded by people who have a great love of podcasts, but you may not realize just how many podcasts our AIE members listen to. If you’re looking to find more podcasts, or if you want to share your favorite podcasts with the rest of AIE, check out AIE community member Lane’s “Other Podcasts You Listen To” post in the forums. It is full of great ways to make your ears happy.

Just a reminder for some of our newer members who may not be used to how AIE handles chat. Our guild chat is not like most guilds. We aim to keep chat family-friendly, and not let it become an annoyance that distracts from the game, and with up to several hundred people in chat at the same time, that means we have to limit how it is used.

To quote the AIE policy on guild communications…
Any formatting of messages to draw attention over other messages in chat is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
all capitals for words other than acronyms,
character substitution (i.e., “1337sp34|<“), (“leetspeak”)
repetition of messages.
Members may not use macros or add-ons to generate messages in chat channels. Macros may only be employed by officers for administrative purposes.
Members engaging in topics or styles of discussion that are disruptive, immature, or better suited for alternate venues will be asked to take their discussions to private channels. Officers will not debate this in chat or whisper.
These rules cover all open chat channels, whether it’s guild chat or any of the common rooms in Mumble. Private chat channels, like ones you might create in game or any of the channels marked Do Not Disturb (DND) in Mumble, do allow some amount of adult conversation – as long as every member of the channel agrees, so make sure you know your audience, and don’t drop into a DND channel uninvited. This topic pops up in the forums every few months, and the best way to respond is to send people to the guild policy, which is in the guild wiki. If you have any questions or feedback about our chat policy, please email the officers at

Looking to Raid in Warlords, the team recruitment section of the forums has been busy! Many new and returning raid groups are looking for members. Take a look, sign up and get ready to show the Iron Horde who is the boss.

Thanksgiving has passed, but there is no better time to thank a guildie!! There is great thread on the forums started by the Mistress of RP Irontamed a while back, thanking members of AIE for doing what we do best- being super helpful and wonderful. Want to do more- we are always taking nominations for Guildie of the Month- please email if you want to nominate that special member of AIE that has gone above and beyond!

Just a reminder, the darkmoon faire is up and running! Rep and XP boosts abound as well as a chance at free points for your professions. Take advantage from now until the 14th!

Also, don’t forget that world of warcraft’s 10th birthday event is still going on from now until January 5th. Level 100’s get the dubious privilege of running molten core for not only an epic helm and corehound mount, but also a chance at the great mini hatespark pet and a cosmetic enchant. The last two are, sadly not a guaranteed drop. yay…

AIE EVE Online

Last week we reminded everyone about the importance of using to stay abreast of all the missions, ship fittings, and more. This week, Lanctharus has posted a Help Wanted sign, looking for a volunteer to post and maintain the AIE and BRAVE Coalition fleet doctrines up on the AIE FleetUp site. If you’d like to be a big help to the spreadsheets in space gang, give Lanctharus a shout for more information. The position is open to any corporation member in good standing. AIE is an equal opportunity employer, although Spies need not apply.

AIE Star Trek Online

Q’s Winter wonderland is Live! Now through January 16, Star Trek Online is celebrating their annual winter event- this time, the manipulative Q has returned with with fun, games, festive foods, and gingerbread villages in need of saving from evil Borg assimilated snow monsters. Many new trinkets, costumes, and other prizes are being added for the seasonal festivities, but most important is the Breen Sarr Theln Carriet (T6). This massive and impressive new vessel has gotten a complete facelift in preparation for being released to the players.

And with that, let’s get back to Max and Jonathan and find out what’s going on in SWTOR…

AIE Star Wars: The Old Republic with Max and Jonathan

[GUESTS: Put any talking points you want to cover for your game here. These will get posted with the show notes. You’ll be able to clean up or delete anything after the show.]
Our thanks to Acuzod and farewell on his last show.

State of the Guild
Two guilds, tons of active players, about 20+ people on a night.
Four Ops teams, Ops team or guild even on almost every night of the week
Guild events
Tuesday night “Mandatory Fun” Nights ( Friday night Galactic Starfighter
Guild anniversary this month
Guild event in planning, likely for the 21st
State of the Game
Shadow of Revan Expansion
5 more levels
Two new planets for leveling and dailies
Rishi and Yavin 4
Two new operations
Two new Flash Points
More Heroic mode Flashpoints
New combat system
Similar to WoW, choose your discipline
Utility points and extra talents along the way
Gear upgrades
Crafting upgrades
Training free starting Tuesday!
Fun stuff the guild is doing in game (as time allows)
Galactic Starfighter
PvP and rewards


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This week’s member segments.

  • Overly Dramatic News
  • Megaminute
  • Ask Miss Mulgra
  • The Outpost

Next week we’ll be talking to Beefmaster about AIE in Steam

Kudos to cybyl for this week’s show title.