Guild Master’s Corner: Messing around with guild organization


Hello Everyone!  I welcome you to what I hope will be a regular series of informative articles that shed light on how AIE is organized and operating in World of Warcraft.  But let’s begin with the big news.

If you have spent any time with me in Mumble or IRL you will often hear me proselytize about the importance of delegation and effective organization.   It is a fundamentally important thing so that you do not go crazy, friends don’t abandon you, your spouse lights your clothes on fire and your pet cat leaves to find nicer digs.  The most important realizations as GM is that you can’t do it all and trying to do so is futile and the fast track to burn out.  This is doubly important with me as I currently play two MMO’s with AIE.

As you may or may not already know I have actually split the GM duties with Ashayo, one of my trustworthy Praetorians and it has worked out really well.  To further add to my madness, starting this weekend I will be making a further organizational change.  I will be pushing the button on promoting Tetsemi who handles a lot of the financial reporting and tracking of the AIE co-guilds to the position of GM of the guilds that I currently control.

But wait!  Does this mean I am stepping away from being the Guild Master of AIE in WoW?

Not a chance!

What I am doing in giving my Praetorian team more day to day responsibility which will actually allow me more time to spend promoting AIE in World of Warcraft as well as writing stories like this.  In addition it ensures that we are protected from the age old “what if Lanctharus get’s hit by a bus” scenario which would allow the guild to continue functioning in case I become unable to continue as guild master due to an emergencyBut do not worry, I am still the effective community leader and director for AIE:WoW and I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future..

In addition  I am always continually looking into how I can better organize AIE, never resting on my laurels while allowing capable and trustworthy individuals with the opportunities to show off what they can bring to the table.  So join me in support and send Tetsemi a hearty Lok Tar!

He is going to need it.


Guild Master and Director, Alea Iacta Est: World of Warcraft