The AIE Podcast #216 – Final Fantasy: NRA Gun Classes, Dyed Chocobos & Revan Statues

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • The triumphant return of the Guildie of the Month!
  • Did you see that trailer?
  • Garrisons, Garrison, Garrisons!
  • Have you preordered the Shadows of Revan yet?
  • Abovan is here to talk about Final Fantasy

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE General

Guildie of the Month – AIE would like to congratulate our Guildie of the Month for December: Thuggs of AIE WoW! For those of you who do not know, Thuggs coordinated an event in World of Warcraft that helped over 130 people obtain a special weapon from the final boss of Mists of Pandaria, Garrosh Hellscream. This weapon, called an Heirloom, levels with the player up to 100. It is also transferable to alts.

AIE’s Guildie of the Month program is our way to acknowledge outstanding members in our community. If you know someone who you think deserves to be recognized please send an email to (we are in the process of getting a new email set up, will update that as new arises). Nominations for January’s GotM will be accepted until December 13th, 2014. This is a guild wide program, nominations will be accepted for members from any game division.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, it’s hard to deny the impact the Star Wars movies have had on the world. Last week, Lucasfilm announced the next movie in the series, Episode 7 The Force Awakens, will hit the screen on December 18th, 2015. They also published a teaser trailer, which spread across the Internet like wildfire.

Zod Step-down announcement

AIE World of Warcraft
One of the coolest new feature of Warlords of Draenor is undoubtedly the Garrisons- and Thoribas on the forums was kind enough to post some great info from MMO Champion about highly useful ad-ons, Master Plan and Garrison Mission Manager.

Having issues with level up followers because as soon as one follower hit 100, all missions became level 99-100? Blizzard has hot fixed the mission set up to create three brackets 90-94, 95-99, and 100. Each bracket can have 3-6 missions as long as you have a follower in that bracket. Thanks to Miy on the forums for letting us know.

With membership spiking to 10 Million for World of Warcraft, AIE has seen a major influx of new and returning players thanks to Warlords- the WOW officers request your continued patience as we manage the queue.

AIE EVE Online

Lanctharus would like to remind all EVE players to sign up for Fleet-up. Fleet-up is the service they use to schedule corporation operations, which you can sync to your favorite desktop or mobile app, and give fleet commanders easy ways to prepare for and review missions, see what kinds of content the team can handle, see how they can improve, and more. If you’re playing EVE and not in Fleet-up, you are missing out on a lot.

And if you’re not playing EVE,CCP released a video last week that might draw you into it. The video is called “This is EVE”, and shows off some of the high points of the game. Shot entirely in game and voiced by actual players carrying out missions, it’s a pretty thrilling look at what goes on in the deep dark recesses of space. If you haven’t seen it, we’ll have a link in the show notes, and there’s a link to it in the AIE EVE forums.

We will have Max on next week to tell us more, but the all new expansion, Star Wars, The Old Republic: Shadows of Revan drops on December 9th- and your last chance to preorder for all of the goodies is Tomorrow! Bonuses include a Subscriber Exclusive Class XP bonus, as well as a grand statue of Revan for your Stronghold. There is a great discussion on the forums around what changes to expect with 3.0, particularly around the new commendation conversion and caps.

And with that, let’s get back to (Abovan) and find out what’s going on in (Final Fantasy)…


FFXIV Fan fest
Vegas, London already happened, Japan is Dec 20 and 21

New Expansion Announced, Heavensward
That’s Heavens, as in more than one.
New zones, new classes, flying in all new zones
Free Company goal (That’s FF-speak for Guilds) will be able to collectively build our own Airship!
New Class, Dark Knight.
2nd class teased as a gun class. Devs said they like James Bond movies, especially the Man with the Golden Gun.
DirectX 11 will be included in this patch. We are hoping for a side-by-side comparison at Japan’s Fan Fest
Native Mac Client slated for late March, early April release.

Current content, Patch 2.4.
New class Rogue
New Job Ninja
Level 30 Rogue, Level 15 Puglist
New single player story quest line
New primal fight
New chapter in Hildebrand story, with a “fun” trial
New raid, “Final Coil of Bahamut”
Previous raids are accessible via duty finder, with echo buff
Atma farming, mats required for a specific step for the relic weapon quest line, no longer soul-crushing drop rate!

Guild News

Casual Raiding Reborn
Wednesdays 8pm to 10pm. No gear requirements. Just 8 people group up and do whatever we can with our lockouts and gear.
Garden Plots are open to guild mates
Congrats to Rounca for being the first AIE member with a 50 Ninja and 1st stage of relic completed. He was the winner of “The Art of Eorzera” book with the Enterprise Minion in-game reward. Grats.


Guest Links

  • Twitter @Abovan
  • Forum Handle Abovan
  • Character Abovan Vancegood (or just Abovan)
  • Just about every gaming thing, Abovan
  • AIE FFXIV General Info URL

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This week’s member segments.

  • Epic Diapers
  • Overly Dramatic News
  • This Week in AIEU
  • Megaminute
  • Ask Miss Mulgra
  • The Outpost (New segment from Zarik!)

Next week we’ll be talking to Max in SWTOR

Kudos to cybyl for this week’s show title.