The AIE Podcast #213 – That Man Needs Kilt!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • Meetup at Blizzcon
  • The Heirloom a thon is coming (thon or thong)?
  • So is the Shadow of Revan
  • The Fall Festival
  • And we have RattoZatto to talk about- Redacted-

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE: General

Unless you have been under a rock, you know that Blizzcon is coming November 7th and 8th!

And, if you are a member of AIE- and by listening to this podcast, we assume that you are, you know that our Guild Hall will be up and running at the Anaheim Hilton!  If you are planning on coming, please hit us up on the site- we really want to see all of your smiling faces there.  And, if you are going to be in California for Blizzcon, why not plan another meetup for a lunch out with guildies, for Disneyland, a beach trip, etcetera!

Playing the Heroes of the Storm Alpha?  head over to the forums to see who is playing, and maybe even put your battletag in the thread.

AIE: World of Worcraft

Blizzard has announce that the upcoming deployment of Australian World of Warcraft game servers ahead of the games next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This new infrastructure will support Australia and New Zealand and should provide a significant smoother gameplay experience for player in the region. 

As we wrap up Mysts of Pandaria, AIE is keeping busy.  Thanks to Thuggs, the Heirloomathon is up and running and there is a huge event planned for November 1st at 8 to 11 server time. We already have 130 people signed up as Squires! Please make sure you sign up by October 28th- if you have any questions, you can ask email or tweet to Alechmazzar for more details

And, also on November 1st, Tisharooni and Zephirah have a great Too Ghoul for School, AIE homecoming dance planned from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  And they have some wonderful events planned, including a costume contest, homecoming king and queen, refreshments, and more!

Warlords drops on November 13th!  What are your plans for night?  Aarde has started a post in the forums to see who plans on playing till they drop.

Looking to raid in Warlords- there are new raid teams forming and existing ones recruiting on the team recruitment  section of the forums.


AIE: Star Wars the Old Republic

Shadow of Revan, an all digital, all new story driven expansion for Star Wars, the Old Republic, comes out December 9th.  And if you preorder now through November 2nd, you get all of the goodies 7 days of early access.  And the earlier you preorder, the longer you can take advantage of the 12x XP buff!

Interested in an Emp side ops group?  Dennash in the forums recently put up a thread to see if any new players- or alts- would like to run.  Right now, they are looking at Fridays 8-10 central.

And, up next on the chopping block- inquisition- ummmm, Ask a Star Wars guidie is Wags!  And by looking that the thread, things are looking pretty darned silly.  If you want to ask Wags a question- or read the hilarity, head on over to the forums.


AIE: Lord of the Rings Online

The fall festival is up and running from October 21st  to November 2nd.

If you plan to spend any time in the new Haunted Burrow event, you may want to hold off buying a lot of items as there is a chance to earn them from the special chest inside the burrow freeing up your tokens to buy other goodies! The quests are mostly broken up into four major regions in Middle Earth.

  • Bree Festival Grounds
  • Thorin’s Hall
  • Duillond
  • Shire Party Tree

And continuing what is shaping up to be a very busy day in AIE, LOTRO- as inspired by Van Flick’s Hording problem, is holding a Craft Faire on November 1st

AIE: Elder Scrolls Online

Due to a variety of factors, Grimbane and the AIE officers have made the very hard decision to shut down the guild in ESO.  The guild will be disbanded on November 7th. f you have things in the Guild Bank that are either yours or you feel you need get them out as soon as possible. Once the deadline passes all things still in the bank will more than likely be mailed to Grimbane and since he’s unsubbing more than likely that means they will go poof in 30 days beyond that point.

AIE: The Secret World with guest Ratto Zatto!


The Last Pagan is the most recent mission pack to be released.  Like the two previous mission pack DLC options, these missions expand on what you can do in the map or maps the missions are tied to.  The Last Pagan gives us a new NPC, Ricky Pagan, adds a mission from Inbeda and Daimon Kiyota, and now Harumi and Yuichi offer a pair of missions.  When players complete this mission set, they will get a free premium Deep Mystery Box, as well as a teleporter item that will take players straight to Tokyo, similar to the item that takes you to the hub in Agartha.

The patch that released the option to buy and play the missions in The Last Pagan also added some much desired tweaks to the AEGIS system.  Personally, they’re not quite what I personally want, but it seems it’s a compromise between what the team at Funcom wants the system to behave like, and what players are crying out for to make it more enjoyable.  You can now invest skill points to two categories for the AEGIS system.  One will increase the percent damage to the Shield done, making breaking those enemy shields easier to do.  There’s also a skill line that speeds up the active combat swap cooldown when you swap between types of AEGIS.  This also adds in that while you’re out of combat, you can freely swap which AEGIS is active, without inflicting a cooldown or the global ability lockout.

Update #10 is looming ever closer to the horizon, meaning a larger amount of content.  The Southern portion of the Kaiden Map will be added.  Unfortunately there is a delay that will cause the next Auxilliary weapon to not come out until a later patch.  I blame the Dragon and Templars for this.

The UI will gain a new option to recustomize all the elements on screen, without resorting to using a mod.

The return of the Golden Weekend came, and went, and with it came a brand new gilded outfit, as well as a second chance to get all the fun prizes from defeating “Blingzilla”.

As with last year, The Cat God event and Spooky Stories of Solomon Island will return for Halloween.  A new event will be added this year, starting with a familiar New Yorker!

It begins when players are contacted by Dave Screed, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. For many years, Dave has been corresponding with a series of friends who listen to and track Number Stations around the world. But something has changed and the signals have shifted.

Now, the dead stand in silent rows listening to radio from an age gone by. Who or what is responsible for this broadcast?

All three Halloween events will all be tied together with a new loot setup for Halloween – a new Halloween grab bag where every item that drops can be traded with other players. The event is speculated to begin on the 28th.

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