The AIE Podcast #211 – Jump Fatigue is a Per-Plex-ing Risk

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • The Final Fantasy Fan fest is next weekend
  • Iron Horde Incursion is coming
  • LOTRO is having a craft faire
  • So many expansions!
  • Stupid Genius and Turbo are here to talk EVE

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE General
There is a meetup planned for this upcoming weekend, October 17- The FFXIV officers will be hosting a mini company (guild) hall at the Rio Hotel for the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival. If you plan on being in Las Vegas for the event, sign up on the AIE site to let us know you are coming! Also- meetup site, we have one! It is fun and easy to use to plan your next guild event!

WOW- Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tide is scheduled to crash into Azeroth on Tuesday, October 14. With the patch comes the world event, Iron Horde Incursion, the new character models (but, you know, not Blood Elves or Pandas), inventory improvements, character and class changes, quality of life changes. Justice and Valor Points are no longer, but you will be receiving the equivalent of 47 silver per JP or VP in the mail.

Big Grats to Salus for unlocking the Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent – Better Late than Never (Horkos, Monkcurious, Warlow, Tolgarr, Inorr, Jeratul, Nazari, Thuggs, Liskydruid, Malkontent, Snaf, Paavu) worked very hard to unlock this beautiful mount for Salus.

Huge Congratulations to Dignitas for opening up the Thundering Serpent Hatchling. You can pick this lovely pet up at revered at the guild vendor in Orgrimmar, but it is only available until the patch drops on Tuesday.

And thank you to the great AIE officers who have been working hard on swapping guildies around to be able to get this special mount and pet- especially Nevermore, Eagle, Mewkow, and Alachaas.

Thuggs has put a call out for ALL raiders with a toon geared 560+ and know the fight with the Garrosh Hellscream to help with the Heirloom-A-Thon. The idea is to help AIE members get as many Heirlooms as possible between the patch and Warlords. Sign up with your information on the forums.

Also, we have tons of great guildies making content and planning events right now, make sure you keep an eye on the forums and the @aie_wow twitter feed.


This just in- per Max on Twitter today, there will be short hangar deck unlock ceremony on the Imperial Flagship tonight @ 11pm eastern. 🙂

Next up The always popular threat Ask A SWTOR Guildie is Yectorlo. Go to the forums to find out what makes this guildie tick!

And, let us send our condolences- I mean congratulations to the newest Star Wars officer, Ste’n!

Lastly, HUGE news from SWTOR-
THE SAGA CONTINUES IN Star Wars: THE OLD REPUBLIC WITH SHADOW OF REVAN, AN ALL-NEW DIGITAL EXPANSION- Revan Returns in a New Story-Driven Expansion with Five New Levels of Adventure – Launching December 9. And the earlier you order, the more goodies you get- but make sure order early, since players are offered 12x experience gain while playing exclusively through class story missions up to Level 55. The boost is effective immediately and expires on December 1, 2014.

In grand AIE tradition, Vanflicke has announced that those brave citizens of MIddle Earth are looking into having a membership drive/craft faire for two weeks beginning on October 23rd-ish. This may be partially due to Vanflicke’s hoarding habit, but it will benefit the kinship itself. Keep your eye on the thread on the LOTRO portion of the forums for details as they emerge.

Delta Rising – the Expansion is coming! This week, even. The expansion is available on Tuesday, October 14th! Delta Rising will take place in the Delta Quadrant, exploring the effects of the journey of U.S.S. Voyager through the region more than 30 years earlier. This expansion features level-cap will be increased from level 50 to level 60, Nine new Tier 6 ships at launch, A new type of Bridge Officer: Intelligence Officer, and the addition of Garret Wang as Harry Kim, plus even more Tim Russ!

AIE EVE with guests Stu and Turbo


If you not on there and you are in good standing with AIEU come check it out it may just spark your desire to return to eve or even allow you to reminisce about what fun you have had with us.

Deployment to Nakah! – Super lean deployment, plan on moving your own bomber(s) and maybe one or two interceptors to Nakah.

Nakah is only 12 jumps from amarr and only 2 of those jumps are Low sec making it great for anyone wishing to get a little eve time in but not committing full bore.

October Contest for a PLEX –

Email Drewson Houten in game or Hoots on the Myextralife forums with an After Action Report (AAR) you have written.

Finally, war is coming to Catch.

With the coming Jump Drive nerf/changes from Phoebe, HERO coalition, Brave Collective, and AIEU are preparing to defend Catch, as it is a relatively small region, making jumping and logistics easier.

What’s up with EVE?
All Oceanus features revealed:
New burner missions
Opt-in Notifications
Visual updates to wormholes and wormhole space
Cyno Exclusion Zone around starbases
Easily import EFT format text fittings
Interdictor Updates
Interceptor Updates
French localization
The new Cloak effect Is soo pretty!!!!!

Easier method of narrowing Directional Scan results with a new dropdown menu


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This Week’s Guildie Submissions

  • Ask a Magus
  • Overly Dramatic News!
  • Ask Miss Mulgra
  • Buxley’s Journal


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