The AIE Podcast #209 – Times Zones Are Hard, Cupcakes!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • The AIE Guild Online Game a thon is coming!
  • Time to COOP
  • The SWTOR Amazing Race leg 4 standings
  • Digging for Guildie info in Final Fantasy
  • Jehdai and Vrym are here to talk about Wildstar!

All that and more coming up right now…

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AIE General

The AIE Guild Online Game a thon (or, AGOG) is quickly approaching! On October 4th, 2014, join guildies, podcast personalities and AIE officers for a one of a kind gaming event to help pay for our guild expenses like hosting, umami and the always popular Guild Hall at Blizzcon. There are a ton ways you can participate, including playing online games, advertising or buying a guest spot on the AGOG, or just donating (plus, swag!).

Spots are available on the Frogpants store- and all of the information is listed on at

Meetups- There is a Final Fantasy Fan Festival at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on October 17-19 and of course, we have a meetup planned. The FFXIV officers will be hosting a mini guild hall, if you are planning on attending the event, stop by the meetup site to sign up. ALso, we have a meetup site! Use it to plan your next AIE event. Right now, there is a discussion going on around a possible get together at Dave and Busters in the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia.

Just a reminder for those listening, we are now recording on sundays at 6pm pst! Spread the word and bring your friends to see our awesome live show!

Doing something fun around the AIE Gaming Community??? Let us know- we always want to hear what our great guildies are doing in game.

AIE World of Warcraft

Not only is the AGOG next weekend, so is the Craft Faire- and COOP. Now, if you listened to last weeks show, you know all about the Craft Faire thanks to Sy and Vel, but Alachaas just announced that we will be rujning COOP on Saturday the 4th. Invites go out at 8:30 PM server time, be ready to hassle the Alliance, possibly get the achievement and the bear, and have an all around great time with one of the most chaotic AIE traditions.

Do you have the end of expansion blues?? The team recruitment section of the forums has been busy with people looking for leveling groups, new and upcoming raid teams, flex raids, fun runs and PVP.
Other events coming up- Zephirah is throwing an AIE homecoming dance dance to ghoul for school on November 1st.

AIE Star Wars The Old Republic

The Amazing Race is well underway in SWTOR- and the 4th leg Standings are as such-
1st~ Middle’isla 811.5 points
2nd~ Edwik 495 points
3rd~ Ste’n 488.5 points
4th~ Yectorlo 453 points
5th~ Tsalel 391 points
6th~ Frakkula 0 points

And next on the inquisition- chopping block- ummm, Ask a guildie is Deavis! Find out what makes this great guildie tick on the thread in the SWTOR section of the forums. (words are hard, sorry!)

AIE Final Fantasy

Not be outdone final fantasy has decided to also make their playerbase a bit uncomfortable! Players who have logged in within the last two weeks are thrown into a drawing every monday by none other then Alludra! Winners are given a chance to answer random questions about themselves (if they so choose!) and get their choice of gardening pet!

AIE Wildstar with Jehdau and Vrym

-old stuff first: Kav stepped down as Game Director, Jehdai new director
-we are looking into things and stuff that will bring life back into the game.
-The Megaserver is coming to a wildstar near you.
-New content coming soon, Mystery of the Genesis Prime and Journey to OMNIcore-1, will add new solo and group content, rune system changes, itemization changes
-Carbine claims 1000s of bug fixes also coming with new drop
-Expected timeframe is November, with content drops coming every quarter (change from monthly)
-Current new things that are live:
-Attunement changes, bronze for Vet. dungeons, world bosses on achievements now, Datascape attunement needs 200 less tokens to get in.
-Thursday night attunement runs with Arv.


Big thanks to Jehdai and Vrym for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking with Hoots in AIE EVE Online!


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This Week’s Member Segments

  • Ask Miss Mulgra
  • Overly Dramatic News
  • Ask a Magus
  • Other Much lesser known Shas

Kudos to Draidus for this week’s show title!