The AIE Podcast #208 – Fall Craft Faire 2014: COOP to Nuts

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • AIE wants to play ALL the things
  • Reclaim your name and change your face in WOW
  • SWTOR has guild strongholds
  • Final Fantasy has a housing crisis
  • Syreyne and Velazarius are here to talk to us about the Craft Faire in WOW!

All that and more coming up right now…

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Sad News- AIE Podcast will not be recording next Thursday- or any Thursday. EVER!!  The three of us have come to a consensus and are moving the show to Sunday- 5pm Pacific, 8 Eastern, because we would rather have Zod here then pretty much anything else!  So, come join us Sunday the 21st for our new day and time.

AIE: General

Durus has started a thread on the forums looking for AIE streamers. If you stream your gameplay and want to get the word out or are looking for AIE streams, head on over to the thread and give it a look!

AIE members are also looking for members of the community who own and are active on their playstation 4’s. Members who are looking to fill their friend list, and want some of that AIE community feeling can check the forums and post their PSN handles!

Not to be outdone or left out there’s a similar thread where members of the XBOX live community for the X Box one are swapping their info! It’s official guys, no matter what your platform, AIE is looking to hang out!!

Our head Stiggbot just posted an AIE Fund Drive to help offset some of our guild expenses, including the Mumble server,  the Meetup group, and the new infrastructure we implemented over the summer.  Information is available on the Guild home page.

And don’t forget, the AIE game a thon is running from noon to midnight eastern on October 4th- with Zod as our own master of ceremonies!  Ralff is just ironing out the details.  Keep your eyes on the main page- info should be there as soon as Saturday.  Join the fun and games with your favourite AIE members!

AIE: World of warcraft

Character name reclamation is going live! if you have a character you haven’t played since 2008 but are still attached to them, log in! Log in now!! Blizzard plans on releasing all the names of characters that haven’t been played in years to the general population with the next expansion. The only thing you have to do to save the name is log in. They don’t even make you jump around or clean the bank or any of that nonsense!

The Warcraft legendary cloak quest is going, going, soon to be gone! On november 13th all of the quests associated with the questline will be gone from your logs, and the quest chain will no longer be obtainable. To help adventurers on their journey, the black prince buff has been extended! So get to cracking!!

Warlords is also offering facial recustomization to the barber shop! If you were worried that you wouldn’t like your new face, or are nervous about the new skin color hues that your troll is now sporting worry not! The goblins have your back and will help you get as close to your old self as possible.

Blizzard has posted a much controversial ‘engineer’s workshop’ update to talk about the upcoming graphical changes in the warlords of draenor expansion. The outlined changes are being met with some…harsh reviews. But we still think that it is pretty cool that Blizzard is sharing some of the nuts and bolts about the upcoming engine changes to the game we all love.

AIE: Star Ware The Old Republic

Next up for the always popular, Ask a Star Wars guildie, is the cleverly named Major Debacle.  Personally, I just want to know where the name came from.

Also, Emperor Pelpatine announced today that they were able to  purchase the faction specific Stronghold for each side. That means the Imperial side now has a Guild Stronghold on Dromund Kaas and the Republic has a Stronghold on Coruscant.

AIE: Final Fantasy

The new patch is out and alludra got some things wrong! The latest patch offers personal housing, though in a way no one expected, and the houses are already all gone! The next step in your relic weapon quest, and other great quality of life fixes and tweaks. Alludra messed up and said that this patch would also offer marriage, but no, didn’t happen and she misread something. gah! Get it together Alludra! We are all pro here! Jeez!


Craft Faire Notes 


The Craft Faire is a guild wide event held twice a year in Silvermoon City in loving memory of Milliway.  This event brings the whole guild together for the singular purpose of helping out their fellow guild members.  We spend months gathering materials throughout Azeroth and stockpiling them until the weekend of the Craft Faire.  And what do we do with them?  We give them away to guildies to level up their professional skills.  So, if you’re a new or boosted 90 and haven’t bothered with professions yet, and you have an AIE guild tag, then join us at the Faire and level up Engineering or Tailoring or any other profession.  Maybe you’re only level 40 and just got fast ground riding and want to get your Mining maxed.  We can help with that too.  Remember, in order to level up at the Faire, you have to pre-register first!


Saturday, October 4th from 4pm to 7pm EST/server time and Sunday, October 5th from 2pm to 5pm EST/server time in Silvermoon City.


We still need volunteers to help out during this event.  One of the biggest things we’ve added at recent faires is the day of registration booth and taxi service.  If you’ve been to faires before, there is usually a line of people starting in SMC 30 minutes before the faire starts.  We want to get everyone through the process as quickly as possible, so Syreyne needs a helper to get everyone registered in. We also need some taxi drivers, so anyone that has a 2+ person mount, like the rocket or mammoth, please let us know!

Also, it takes an impressive amount of materials to mass level people like this.  We’re talking 4-6 full 6-tab guild banks of materials….per profession!!!   That means there are over 30 alts on Earthen Ring doing nothing but holding a guild bank for the Faire.  Every captain at the faire is on pins and needles waiting for 6.0 to drop the 200 stack change so we can condense the banks and free up some toon slots for volunteers.  Things that we desperately need are on a google doc that will be in the show notes and posted to the forums.  There’s a lot of stuff on there, like thousands of Cobalt Bars.  Stuff we still need

Raffle:  Link

How would you like to receive a Sky Golem mount or a Vial of the Sands for 100 gold?  Or a new, hard to find pet?  Well that’s what is up for grabs in this faire’s raffle.  We have 6 Sky Golem mounts so far and 25 Royal Satchels!!!  And a ton of fun pets.  More prizes are being added all the time, so check out the wiki for an updated list!!!  Remember you can buy as many raffle tickets as you want.  Each ticket costs 100 gold.

Some of you may wonder what we do with the gold.  Well, a very small percentage is used to buy storage banks and last minute materials on the auction house.  The rest goes into prizes for the raffle.  Like vendor mats to make Sandstone Drakes, or buying 3-person mammoth’s in Dalaran.  The gold doesn’t go into the co-guilds’ banks nor do we keep it.  That means, the more tickets that are bought, the more prizes we can buy to give away.


COOP aka Code Name: Creamy Orange Otter Pop aka For the Horde aka we go kill Alliance leaders for fun.  Oh yes, there will be COOP!!!!  The COOP run will be Saturday night after the faire, starting at 9pm server time.  Make sure you’re ready and waiting before hand as the main raid that gets credit for the mount and achievement fills up fast!  Remember, you don’t have to have PvP gear to attend!  And there’s always room in additional raids for support team members so its not limited to 40 people.  The more we have the more fun it is.

Costume Contest:

Since the Craft Faire is in October, what better way to celebrate Hallow’s End then having a costume contest!!  The Costume Contest starts on Sunday at 7pm EST/server time.  It will be during the after party.  Everyone can dress up in their favorite theme, person, idea, etc and show off their stuff.  This is NOT a transmog contest so tier sets and the Hallow’s wands do NOT count.  Want an example?  Dress up as a farmer in blue overalls and a pitchfork or channel your inner pirate and don your Bloodsail Admiral gear.

There will be prizes given out for the winners in these categories!

  • Best Overall Costume
  • Scariest Costume
  • Best AIE Themed Costume
  • Best Costume that includes a pet and mount
  • Best Couple


Kudos to cybyl for this week’s show title!