The AIE Podcast #207 – Thank you, you’re weird

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

  • 10 years of Warcraft
  • The Nomads are wandering again
  • Final Fantasy has patches!
  • Eve needs more ships!
  • Ralff is here to talk about the Blizzcon Guild Hall- and how you can help!

All that and more coming up right now…

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General Guild group needs your help – if you use the site and would like to contnue to do so, please dontate if at all possible! The funding for our happy little service had fallen short, and without your help, the site will go away.

Guildies have already coordinated their efforts on the AIE Forums to ensure that the Meetup site keeps going, you can check out the efforts on the forums and cheer everyone on!

ice bucket challenge
not to be outdone by Real Life, The Sparrow family is openly and forwardly challenging all the members of AIE Azeroth to the Azeroth Ice Bucket Challenge! Best of all, it costs you nothing, zero, nadda, $0.00. I repeat you don’t pay a single copper penny (in real life or in game). This is open until Sept. 13th, after that time, Sparrowhawk will will count pictures of those who participated and make a donation. Grand total to be posted on, you guessed it, the fourms.

That took guts challange-
And not to be outdone by Sparrow, Bravo on the forums wants to highlight another very worthy charity – the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. An, through September 15th, they have someone that has pledged to double their donations- so do something truly brave and heroic in game, send the screenshot to Bravo and he will donate $2.00 to the CCFA

AIE: World of Warcraft
Warlords of Draenor hits the shelf on Thursday, November 13th, just in time to celebrate World of Warcraft’s 10 year anniversary. So that we all have time to level and have fun, the in game anniversary event starts on November 21st and goes through January 6th! Everyone who logs in during this time period will receive the incredibly cuddly, feisty, and fiery new Molten Corgi to love, pet, and call their own, plus will have a chance to run 40 man Molten Core and PVP with Southshore vs. Tarren Mill.

The AIE WOW craft Faire is coming up October 4th and 5th, and along with the normal fun, we have a Hallow’s end costume contest! And we have prizes for all of the different catigories, including
Best Overall Costume
Scariest Costume
Best AIE Themed Costume
Best Costume that includes a pet and mount
Best Couple

Plus, we have lots of other great things going on in the forums, including Thank a Guildmate, new activity around RP, team recruitment and more.

The PTR has gone live with the 6.02 patch (pre-WoD content) it’s the mechanics patch. So increased bank space, toy box, changes to talents and glyphs, etc.

AIE: Final Fantasy
Final fantasy patch 2.38’s release date has been announced for September 15th! This patch is going to include personal housing, marriage, the next step in the relic weapons quest and other great things!

The live letter with the dev team has also stated that patch 2.4 will be launched around the Tokyo Game Show! We aren’t even sure what’s in this patch but holy moos

AIE: Nomads
Those wandering Nomads are heading into Final Fantasy tomorrow night at 9pm EST, but but nothing says you can’t stay later There is a 2 week trial if you don’t think you want to buy the game, simply time your trial for our roam. The game is $25 and does have a monthly sub. If you do choose to buy, let us know here because there a refer a friend option and we can coordinate it with another guildie. (ALLUDRA WANTS TO BE YOUR REFER A FRIEND!!)

AIE: EVE Online
Mining Operation in Jangar Sept 16
Due to the expanding nature of the AIE-U Free program, we need more ships!
Some of you may already have ships in our Secret Mining System, for those of you that don’t, T1 mining ships will be provided! (Venture, Retriever, Covetor)

We will be killing rocks and rocking out to Plug.DJ

We will have Full 100% Orca boosts and free ships. Come one come all!

AIE: Star Wars The Old Republic
Ask a Guildies Week 34 is here. Up next this week is Lagro

Conquest week 4- Death Mark!
Week 4 brings us some PvP heavy conquest objectives across five possible locations. Dulfy’s notes are here but some of this has been changed slightly so check the in-game board for accurate details

And with that, let’s get back to Ralff and find out what’s going on with the Guild Hall!


AIE Guild Online Game-a-thon (AGOG)
When: Oct 4, 2014 from noon to midnight EDT
What: AIE Guild Online Game-a-thon (AGOG)
A 12 hour event that will stream live, with new pairings of guests & patrons joining up each half-hour. The guests at least will be in the stream during the joining up–then off to play. If feasible, they will come back after to talk about it.
Who? Hosts,Guests,Patrons
Also available
Sponsorships (personal, podcast, blog, what have you)
Plug in the game-a-thon
Plug, and 5 minutes to come on and talk
GuildHall Plug
Personal Sponsorship bonuses: AIE T-shirts, Mugs, sacks.
We will be selling everything via the FrogPants store.


Kudos to Vanflicke for this week’s show title!